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  • Mental health and travel report launched

    Operators of transport such as buses and trains need to do more to support people with mental health difficulties to help them travel, a new survey has revealed. A survey of 385 people who responded to an online survey investigating the relationship be (Read more…)

  • An inspirational music score set to raise funds for two charities close to choir founder’s heart

    A unique and innovative fundraising initiative has been launched today – World Kindness Day, 13th November 2017 – by Mary Bourne, founder and musical director of the Singing it Back community choir to raise funds for two charities close to her own hear (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch new partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University MetMUnch Enterprise

          Anxiety UK and Manchester MetMUnch Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have announced a unique new partnership that will provide Anxiety UK members with additional support and advice on aspects of nutrition to help them better (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch new partnership with Listening Books

      Anxiety UK and Listening Books has announced a unique new partnership that will provide additional support to Anxiety UK members who are who find it difficult or impossible to read due to their anxiety condition/disability/learning or mental hea (Read more…)

  • Professional racing driving, Martin Plowman, steps up to support national charity Anxiety UK.

      British professional racing driver, Martin Plowman, becomes a celebrity patron of leading national charity Anxiety UK. Having personal experience of anxiety, Martin is passionate about supporting the charity’s efforts to increase awareness and a (Read more…)

  • Bank Holiday Closure 27th May 2019

    Due to the upcoming Bank Holiday, our office and Infoline will be closed on Monday 27th of May 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be open again on Tuesday 28th May from 9.30am-5.30pm, so please do get in touch if you would (Read more…)

  • New partnership: Centre for Dentistry

    Anxiety UK is delighted to announce a new partnership with Centre for Dentistry, to raise awareness of dental phobia and to improve the support available to those experiencing dental anxiety. According to statistics from the Oral Health Foundation, alm (Read more…)

  • Reason to become a lifetime member

    Becoming a lifetime member of Anxiety UK is something very special, for a number of different reasons. Here we’ve put together a list of our top 5 reasons why we think becoming a lifetime member is something worth thinking about.   A lifetime of s (Read more…)

  • Top tips for Fundraisers

    Fundraisers play a hugely important part in supporting the work we do! Here we have put together a few simply tips to help you with any of your fundraising efforts! If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear them in the comments section below. (Read more…)

  • Support for Civil Engineers living with anxiety

      We are delighted to announce that we are going to be partnering with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Benevolent Fund. This exciting new partnership will officially launch on the 1st July! As part of this, we have put together a speciali (Read more…)

  • Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

    When people think of anxiety it is often the psychological symptoms that tend to first come to mind, but there are also some very real physical symptoms linked to anxiety that are worth being aware of. When we experience anxiety our body experiences a (Read more…)

  • Social media and mental health

    Today, many of us use social media in a range of different ways, whether it’s keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, staying up to date with the latest news, or even using it to help us find our next dream job. There is no denying t (Read more…)

  • We’ve been awarded charity of the year!

    We’re very proud to have been awarded Charity of the Year by Asian Voice Charity Awards! The award ceremony was a held down in London, and what an incredible night it was. Here we are collecting our award and we must admit we are absolutely delighted! (Read more…)

  • Transport and Mental Health – A year of progress

    This Mental Health Awareness Week marks the one year anniversary of the 2016 Mental Health and Transport summit report being published. The report summarises the key outcomes of the national Mental Health and Transport Summit, organised by Anxiety UK a (Read more…)

  • Take a look at our Anxiety Tips Video

    If you experience anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression then this video is for you. Take a look at these simple tips we’ve put together to help you manage these conditions. Share your own tips in the comments below. #MHAW2017 #MentalHealthAwarene (Read more…)

  • Tips for supporting someone with anxiety

    At some point in lives many of us will witness someone we’re close to experiencing anxiety, stress of anxiety based depression. It can be challenging to see those you care about facing the types of challenges these conditions can cause, but there are w (Read more…)

  • Managing anxiety at work and university

    Whether you are busy at university with exams or feeling the pressures of multiple deadlines at work, experiences of anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression can be difficult to manage. As this Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on thriving (ra (Read more…)

  • We’ve created an Anxiety UK Film

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week and to celebrate we’ve created a short film about Anxiety UK and the support we offer! Together, let’s help people thrive rather than just survive. Take a look and let us know what you think! https://www.yout (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK secure prestigious accreditation

    Anxiety UK secure prestigious accreditation programme for psychological therapies services (APPTS) Anxiety UK are delighted to announce that they have secured the prestigious Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services (APPTS) external (Read more…)

  • Five Simple Ways to Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine’s Day!

      Whether you’re single, entering into a budding new relationship, or in a long-term partnership, Valentine’s Day can leave many people feeling anxious. Social anxiety particularly, centres around the fear of being negatively perceived by those ar (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Launch Partnership with ADAA

      An exciting partnership between Anxiety UK and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America launches today! Here at Anxiety UK, we have long recognised the value of working with other organisations to pursue a common goal. Today we are delighted (Read more…)

  • Five tips for coping with anxiety this Blue Monday

      This Blue Monday we wanted to share a few tips about coping with anxiety. Blue Monday is great at helping raise awareness of mental health, but it’s important to remember that anxiety is not something that follows any kind of schedule. In fact, (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK 10 Tips for coping with Christmas

    1 – Don’t Over Indulge As tempted as we all get to “treat ourselves” over the festive period, it is important to remember the impact that food can have on our mood. Too much sugar and caffeine can cause us to peak and crash and often impacts on our emo (Read more…)

  • The story behind our Calm Keys

    David Taylor the man who invented the Calm Keys explains in this short video how he designed them.   To purchase your own Calm Keys visit here or for a pack of (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Advent Calendar

  • CAA publish new guidance for airports on providing assistance to people with hidden disabilities

    The Civil Aviation Authority has published new guidance for airports on providing assistance to people with hidden disabilities. The new guidance, informed by consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including Anxiety UK, provides advice for UK a (Read more…)

  • Inaugural research project findings announced

    The inaugural recipients of the Katherine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund has published the findings from its research. Supported via donations from Anxiety UK supporters, members and fundraisers, the fund’s first project saw Anxiety UK commiss (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Team Up with Kalms

    Anxiety UK is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Kalms to offer a 20% discount on new Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules, exclusively for Anxiety UK members. The code is valid for purchases made via Contact membership@anx (Read more…)

  • Office Closure on 08/11/2016

    Please note that our offices will be closed on Tuesday, 08/11/2016, out of respect for our late founder Harold Fisher, whose funeral will be held on this day. This will mean that there will be no infoline running, which includes both the RAFBF and PHA (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK mourn loss of founder Harold Fisher

    It is with deep regret that Anxiety UK announces the passing of our founder Harold Fisher who died peacefully on Thursday 27th October 2016. Harold was a truly inspirational man who helped thousands of people through his selfless work with the ‘Phobics (Read more…)

  • #AUKtalk – Anxiety UK Twitter Discussions

    Last week was World Mental Health Day and so we decided to get some of our experts and supporters to host discussions around various aspects of anxiety. We started off with Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton, Anxiety UK Clinical Advisor and expert on anxiety in (Read more…)

  • Surviving at University with a Mental Illness

    5 tips to help you thrive – a guest post by Georgia Mai There are a few things you need to get in order before moving away to university. Doing these few things prior to moving will take a lot of pressure off you! Firstly, I recommend that you visit yo (Read more…)

  • IMH x Anxiety UK Peer Support Meeting

    Yesterday, the Anxiety UK staff, along with two members of our Board of Trustees and one of our Clinical Advisors, met with the Institute of Mental Health. The Institute of Mental Health were the first recipients of our Katharine and Harold Fisher Rese (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Support Services Down

    13:15 Update: We are now back online! Please allow time for our infoline volunteers to respond to your emails and texts. Thank you for your patience! Due to a storm, in which the Anxiety UK office was struck by lightning, we currently have no available (Read more…)

  • Knit Yourself a Christmas Jumper with a Difference

    Most of us are still holding out for a few more weeks of summer but let’s not pretend we haven’t seen a few sneaky selection boxes on the supermarket shelves – there are only 17 Saturdays between now and Christmas. Log fires, mulled wine, mince pies, t (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Signs Up for 4PI National Involvement Standards

    Anxiety UK has subscribed to the NSUN 4PI National Involvement Standards, along with 60+ other charities. The NSUN charity is a mental health network that aims to build a community of people who have experience with mental health issues with a view to (Read more…)

  • University of Cambridge Review Anxiety Studies

    The University of Cambridge has published a global review of 48 studies that has found that more than 60 million people in the EU are affected by anxiety disorders, with women and young people affected the most. Whilst they estimate that four out of ev (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK CEO, Nicky Lidbetter, featured in The Guardian

    Nicky discusses running two successful charities, Anxiety UK and Self Help, including how they came about and how she first realised she was agoraphobic whilst studying at Manchester University. “I’m probably one of the most networked agoraphobics you (Read more…)

  • New “Pledge to Help” Stagecoach Initiative

    The Stagecoach Group has launched a new initiative, developed in partnership with Anxiety UK and Mental Health Action Group, called “Pledge to Help”. The pledge has the full support of Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP and will seek to improve the ex (Read more…)

  • Mental Health and Transport Summit report

    A report that summarises the key outcomes of a national summit designed to highlight and improve transport accessibility issues for those living with a long term mental health condition including anxiety and anxiety based depression has been published. (Read more…)

  • How to reduce the stress of moving house

    Anyone who’s ever undertaken a house move will agree it’s one of the most challenging life events, both physically and emotionally, that anyone can go through. In a recent poll, two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, with it (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch new partnership with the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

    Anxiety UK and the RAF Benevolent Fund has announced a new pilot partnership that will provide additional support to those of working age who are affected by anxiety or depression, whether that be a veteran of the RAF or their loved one. Anxiety UK wil (Read more…)

  • Trustee with finance and accountancy skills required

    Anxiety UK is seeking to recruit a Trustee to our Board that has accountancy and finance skills.  Must be North West based, ideally Manchester.  For further info contact

  • Anxiety UK and British Acupuncture Council launch pilot project

    Anxiety UK and the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) have launched a joint pilot project which will see members of Anxiety UK being able to access traditional acupuncture through this new partnership. Throughout the pilot project, data will be collect (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK named as charity of the year for 2016 by Crystal Legal Services

    Anxiety UK has been named as one of three charities to be supported in 2016 by Crystal Legal Services, specialists in seeking compensation for customers who have been mis-sold financial products and insurance. The company employs over 100 staff at its (Read more…)

  • Mental Health and Transport summit aims to change lives for those living with mental health difficulties

    A national summit designed to highlight and improve transport accessibility issues for those living with a long term mental health condition including anxiety and anxiety based depression will bring together key policymakers, transport providers and re (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK’s Good Practice Guidelines for Higher Education Establishments

    As part of Anxiety UK’s Student Initiative this October, we have also developed the Top 4 Recommendations for supporting students with anxiety at University or College. There is full guidance available for Higher Education Establishments, which are ava (Read more…)

  • Release of The Student Guide to Understanding Anxiety and Free Download!

    For one week only, The Student Guide to Understanding Anxiety is available for free download! From the 19th-25th October, you can download the guide by clicking on our Student Membership tab. (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK to launch new student support package

    Anxiety UK- the UK’s leading anxiety charity- is launching a new ‘Student Guide to Understanding Anxiety’, along with a specialised Student Support Package to coincide with World Mental Health Day. This week, it has been reported that an increasing num (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch ‘Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund’

    Peer support for people with Anxiety The Institute of Mental Health has been successful in securing funding from Anxiety UK’s ‘Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund’ to further develop peer support training for people with Anxiety. This exc (Read more…)

  • Trustee with accountancy and finance skills required

    Anxiety UK is seeking to recruit a Trustee with accountancy and finance skills to join board of AUK. Any interested candidates must be able to travel to Manchester. For further information please contact Nicky Lidbetter by email to

  • Increasing access to mental health care | Tuesday 8 September 2015 | The King’s Fund, London W1G 0AN

    Join commissioners and providers of mental health care from across all settings, to reflect on progress to date and find new ways of increasing access to care. This one-day conference will provide you with: • successful case studies where mental and ph (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK text service launches today!

    Anxiety UK are delighted to announce the launch of a new text service, a welcome addition to the current range of services already offered to support those living with anxiety disorders. Alongside the infoline, email and live chat services, the text se (Read more…)

  • Success for Anxiety UK as it is awarded the Helplines Standard

    Anxiety UK is delighted to announce that the Anxiety UK helpline has achieved the Helplines Standard accreditation. The Helplines Standard is a quality standard specifically developed for the helpline sector to accredit service delivery and recognise b (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch ‘The Caregivers Guide to Anxiety’ in conjunction with Carers Week 2015

    We are delighted to announce the release of ‘The Caregivers Guide to Anxiety’ in conjunction with Carers Week 2015. Written by our CEO Nicky Lidbetter, the guide is the first of its kind in the UK, and offers information and advice to individuals suppo (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK to launch new Research Fund thanks to AUK Fundraisers

    Anxiety UK is a user-led mental health charity established in 1970 that provides direct support services (including psychological therapies) to individuals affected by a range of anxiety disorders. We undertake a campaigning and awareness function; rep (Read more…)

  • Natalie talks about Phonophobia (fear of loud noises)

    I have various phobias, but I have one that affects me quite a lot: Phonophobia. For those that aren’t sure what it may be, it is a fear of sudden, unexpected loud sounds. Loud and unexpected noises to anybody are startling, but for someone like me, th (Read more…)

  • Amanda tells her story about how she helped her daughter to overcome her phobias and anxiety…

    My daughter Tabitha (now 11) was what we affectionately call a born worrier. Originally a tiny prem baby she is a sweet earnest and expressive child, usually anxious to please. At 7 she was a great eater with a varied and interested appetite. Then in 2 (Read more…)

  • Social Phobia- Krista shares her experiences

    “They’re staring at me. Why are they staring at me?” “They’re laughing at me. I know it” “They think I’m crazy” “They’re going to shout something, call me fat and ugly” “They’re better than me” “They hate me and I don’t blame them” “Why bother saying a (Read more…)

  • Carla shares her experience of emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

    What type of phobia do you have? I have emetophobia, which is a fear of myself and others vomiting. How does this impact on your daily life? It impacts my life in many ways. Most days I wake up with anxiety and it remains with me until bed time. I have (Read more…)

  • Meet Karen, she has a phobia of toilets…

    I’m Karen and I have a phobia of toilets. There, I said it, I’m out. For some reason, unknown to me, I think the toilet is going to get me, or the pipes will burst, or that it will flush whilst I’m using it. I know none of that will happen, but it terr (Read more…)

  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and this year Anxiety UK are going to be raising awareness of phobias. Phobias can affect a persons life dramatically, and many people may struggle to talk about their specific phobia, fearing that others ma (Read more…)

  • Hot off the Press! Our Spring 2015 Anxious Times magazine is available for you to download now!

    This edition features: Anxiety, writing and me Healthy body, healthy mind; a calming journey to fitness The day they moved my bus stop NLP – What is it and how can it help my phobia disappear? 12 things to know about people living with anxiety Art is m (Read more…)

  • Fundraisers taking part in Action Challenge events to raise funds for Anxiety UK

    We are delighted to announce that we have a number of fundraisers who are taking part in fundraising events organised by Action Challenge. These inspiring events, challenging by nature, are taking place over the next few months and are as follows: Emil (Read more…)

  • New drug-drive legislation clarified by Department for Transport

    Anxiety UK has contacted the Department for Transport (DfT) to raise its concerns following the introduction of new legislation this week that risks criminalising people with anxiety disorders. In response a DfT spokesperson provided the following advi (Read more…)

  • ‘Hi, Anxiety” by Debs Gatenby at the Contact Theatre

    With one in three of us estimated to experience mental illness, Debs Gatenby’s one woman show is a laugh out loud funny, yet wistful look at how mental illness affected her. And her mum. ‘Two breakdowns and two recoveries – mine and my mum’s’. So, how (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK & Greater Manchester Police partner up to offer free app on managing stress and anxiety for officer on World Mental Health Day.

    Anxiety UK & Greater Manchester Police partner up to offer free app on managing stress and anxiety for officers on World Mental Health Day. Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, has partnered up with Greater Manchester Police (Read more…)

  • Launch of a new app to manage stress and anxiety

    App launched to help the one fifth of Britons dealing with depression and anxiety – in partnership with A leading psychotherapist has teamed up with a former patient to create an app to help members of the public manage their stress and (Read more…)

  • Therapeutic tech company “Virtually Free” announces latest app to tackle agoraphobia

    On Wednesday 24 September 2014, Virtually Free, a tech company which makes apps to improve mental health, is announcing its latest project, Agoraphobia Free, set for launch in the first half of 2015, and is calling out for volunteers to take part in th (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK partners up with the Teacher Support Network to provide 1:1 therapy services

    Anxiety UK and the Teacher Support Network have come together to provide teachers with the option of reduced cost therapy. The scheme is national and will include up to six one to one therapy sessions per applicant which could be delivered face to face (Read more…)

  • HeadMeds- mental health medication for young people

    HeadMeds ( is a unique new website about mental health medication for young people aged 13-25. It has been created by YoungMinds and funded by Comic Relief and the Nominet Trust as part of the Innovation Labs ( (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Therapist talks to ITV This Morning on Social Anxiety

    Anxiety UK therapist, Christos Christophy, appeared on ITV This Morning with Holly and Phillip on Thursday 10th July to help raise awareness and understanding of social anxiety – an intense fear of social situations. Christos is an experienced therapis (Read more…)

  • Convergys dress down day raises £240 for Anxiety UK

    A huge thank you to all the team at Convergys in Middleton for raising £240.80 for Anxiety UK as a result of their recent staff dress down day. The money will help fund enabled 60 people to receive vital support via our live chat/email support service (Read more…)

  • Pete gets on his bike for mental health awareness week!

    Anxiety UK’S Membership Coordinator Pete Nunes joined colleagues from Self Help Services, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust and staff from The Big Life group in a team building bike race at the end of a wee (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK joins other agencies in Manchester to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

    On Friday, Anxiety UK participated in a BMX challenge with other Manchester agencies, including Self Help Services, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust, the Big Life Group and Greater Manchester Police. “We were delighted to take part in (Read more…)

  • Anxiety can be managed

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Anna who has experience of panic disorder. I’m Anna and have experienced panic and anxiety for a number of years. I’m obsess (Read more…)

  • Anxiety appeared out of nowhere and took over my life

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Alan who has experience of anxiety. In 2008 my anxiety appeared out of nowhere and took over my life completely. I knew I ha (Read more…)

  • Don’t suffer in silence

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Mark who has experience of anxiety. My anxiety started when I was about 26 years old, I’m now 40. I was bullied at work and (Read more…)

  • My life has been ruled by anxiety almost half my lifetime

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Sarah who has experience of panic disorder. I’m now almost 30. I started having panic attacks out of the blue when I was 16 (Read more…)

  • When anxiety becomes more than butterflies

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Emma who has experience of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and social anxiety. It is normal to suffer from some level of (Read more…)

  • Talking about your feelings makes you MORE of a man

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Tom, who has experience of anxiety. Anxiety and depression have a been a part of me for almost all of my life. I suffered in (Read more…)

  • Discovering I suffer from GAD took 15 years

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Alison who has experience of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). It all started with one word. War. From war to worry, it br (Read more…)

  • Do not suffer in Silence

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Elena who has experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), trichotillomania and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I (Read more…)

  • Finding your voice

    Each day during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a story from someone with personal experience of anxiety. Meet Dan who has experience of agoraphobia. My next-door neighbour told me once: ‘You should never judge someone until you’ve wal (Read more…)

  • Mental Health Awareness Week adopts anxiety theme for 2014

    This years’ Mental Health Awareness Week will be held from 12-18 May and the theme will be anxiety. We are working closely with the Mental Health Foundation to encourage people to get involved in an effort to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Conditio (Read more…)

  • Join Anxiety UK at Silverstone on 19 and 20 July!

    Following on from the success of 2013, Anxiety UK is once again teaming up with MRE Motorsport, sponsors of our Young Ambassador Cameron Twynham, to offer members/supporters, their friends and family a unique opportunity to meet one another, share expe (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK is seeking an experienced helpline & volunteer coordinator to join our team

    This exciting vacancy will suit an individual who can inspire and motivate volunteers while delivering a strategy to ensure our helpline services are delivered to the highest standard. To find out more about the vacancy and download an application pack (Read more…)

  • Edge Hill event finds most people ‘panic’ at the thought of anxiety

    We have joined forces with Edge Hill University students to raise awareness about anxiety. At a well-being day held on 27th of March, the team at the Anxiety UK stall asked every visitor to write down a word that they associate with anxiety. The stall (Read more…)

  • Make good on your resolution to get fit, get involved & make a difference!

    Most people will have given up their New Year resolution by now. Maybe yours was to get fit, get involved or give back. Well, March is a perfect time to make good on those plans that seemed so possible back in January. We know we say it A LOT, but we c (Read more…)

  • Young people need help with anxiety – YouthNet & Anxiety UK warn of increase in demand for help

    In the week following the announcement of a new quality standard aimed at improving care for people experiencing anxiety disorders*, two leading charities have released figures indicating a sharp increase in the numbers of young people needing help. An (Read more…)

  • Study finds ‘British workers among the most stressed in the world’

    A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has found that more people are out of work with mental health problems than any other country in the developed world.  High stress and a long-hours work culture have led to high num (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes the release of the NICE anxiety disorder quality standard

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) today releases their anxiety disorder quality standard, which aims to improve the quality of care and support for children, young people and adults with anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders a (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK joins Remember a Charity

    Charitable legacies are the foundation for many good causes in the UK and are vital in continuing their work. 74% of the UK population support charities and when asked, 35% of them say they would happily leave a gift in their will once family and frien (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes Clegg’s pledge ‘to bring mental health out of the shadows’

    Anxiety UK today joins other mental health charities in welcoming the Government’s plans revealed yesterday to provide greater support to those affected by mental health issues. Waiting times and patient choice have been targeted in the Government’s pl (Read more…)

  • Places available for the Greater Manchester Marathon – 6th April

    We have two places for April’s Greater Manchester Marathon available and are looking for runners who want to take part, get fit and give back. With only 54m of elevation, the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford is the flattest marathon course (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK echoes calls for more to be done for young people’s mental health

    Today Anxiety UK adds its voice to other mental health charities, including Sane, Rethink Mental Illness and the Mental Health Foundation, in calling for greater understanding and recognition of mental health problems in young people. Conditions like p (Read more…)

  • New study reconfirms people’s inability to switch off from technology

    A recent study which found that high achievers are at risk of conditions like anxiety and depression due to their inability to switch off the internet and stop working outside of office hours, highlights the fine line between healthy and unhealthy use (Read more…)

  • Shocking BBC A & E figures reveal need for local specialised services

    After figures from the BBC today revealed that some people are visiting A & E departments up to 50 times a year, many for mental health difficulties, Anxiety UK is calling for more specialised services to be rolled out in local areas to support tho (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK urges Government to adopt more balanced approach after news of agoraphobic suicide

    Recent news of an agoraphobic blind man who hung himself after he was ruled ‘fit to work’ and his benefits cut has highlighted the need for the Government to balance their efforts to change the benefits system with the very real need of those who rely (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK applauds The Prince’s Trust for highlighting mental health impact of unemployment

    Today Anxiety UK praises The Prince’s Trust for shining the light on the effects of long term unemployment with the news that more than three quarters of a million unemployed young people believe they have nothing to live for, with long-term unemployed (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK founder doing well after a bout of ill health

    Anxiety UK Co-Founder, Harold Fisher & Membership Coordinator, Pete Nunes Members will be pleased to hear that Anxiety UK co-founder, Harold Fisher, who was recently very ill, is doing much better – excellent news to share this New Year! Harold ask (Read more…)

  • Does the obligation to socialise during the festive season feel overwhelming?

    With Christmas fast approaching and the expectation that everyone be together and merry, people with social anxiety disorder can often experience a peak in symptoms, as recently reported by BBC News. In fact, the Anxiety UK helpline usually sees an inc (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Easter hours

    Whilst we strive to operate a normal service over the Easter period we will be closed over the weekend.Helpline Hours over the Easter period (08444 775 774) Thursday 13th April: 9:30-5:30 Friday, 14th April: Closed Saturday, 15th April: Closed Sunday, (Read more…)

  • Man walks 3,300 miles around England and Wales to raise mental health awareness

    Stuart Jessup has raised more than £14,500 for mental health charities Sane and Anxiety UK in two walks around the coast of England and Wales and completes his momentous efforts this weekend in Chester, where he will be welcomed by Manchester based Anx (Read more…)

  • Augmented reflection video showcases life with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    An Augmented Reflection video, Let’s Talk about GAD, was shown for the first time in Belfast today to raise awareness of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – a little known but common mental health condition affecting over an estimated 50,000 people in (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK extends support to Jonathan Trott as he leaves Ashes tour due to a ‘stress-related problem’

    Anxiety UK today voices its concern for England Cricketer Jonathan Trott following his departure from the Ashes tour because of a ‘stress-related problem.’ Trott has commented in the press that he has been having difficulty operating at the level he ha (Read more…)

  • Want more information about us?

    We are pleased to release our latest information leaflet, a quick, concise guide to our work and how we support many thousands of people affected by anxiety every year. Click here for this free download and see how we can support you, your loved one or (Read more…)

  • Nearly half of people claim to have OCD related traits or behaviours, but how do you know when it’s really OCD?

    benenden health and Mind will be answering this and other questions about OCD in a live Web TV show (Wednesday, 13th November at 2:00 pm) that will cover recognising the symptoms and traits of the condition, treatment options and the risks of ignoring (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK’s ‘Top Tips for Managing Stress’

    As we mark National Stress Awareness Day today, we are reminded of the importance of taking care of ourselves to minimise the effects stress. “Stress is normal and everyone will experience it from time to time,” explains Anxiety UK CEO, Nicky Lidbetter (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes new teenage health and wellbeing survey trial

    Around 7,000 teenagers will this week receive questionnaires in a trial of a new national survey on their health and wellbeing. The “What about YOUth?” survey is aimed at 15-year-olds and will examine topics such as smoking, emotional well-being, diet (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK encouraged by government’s continued mental health debate

    Following Labour’s pledge today to make mental health counselling a right and Conservative’s recent ’40 Policy Ideas from the 40′ document, pledging greater choice of psychological therapies and early intervention for children, Anxiety UK is hopeful fo (Read more…)

  • This Morning advice for parents with anxious children a ‘must watch’

    As we reach the end of half-term, we are reminded that the time away from school is not always a good one. For some children and young people, the change in routine can spark anxiety and we have heard from a number of parents this week and last who are (Read more…)

  • Have you faced your fears of spiders with Phobia Free yet?

    Spider phobia affects up to 6% of us and those who suffer from it are easy targets from pranksters, particularly during Halloween. For some people this condition can be very troubling and distressing. To help those affected by spider phobia, Anxiety UK (Read more…)

  • How you can help Anxiety UK

    Anxiety UK is the leading charity for those suffering from anxiety disorders in the UK. We provide support to anxiety sufferers and campaign to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of anxiety. We receive no government funding and rely on the generosit (Read more…)

  • Manchester’s Sanctuary provides ‘overnight, every night’ service for those in crisis

    A new service opened by Anxiety UK sister charity, Self Help Services, provides support to adults feeling at crisis point and living with difficulties such as panic attacks, depression and low mood. The Sanctuary provides high quality, non-clinical sup (Read more…)

  • Online Surgery Monday 21st October at 8pm with Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton

    We are delighted that our Clinical Advisor Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton will join us for an online surgery on Monday 21st October 2013 at 8pm to help answer questions for anxious parents who are raising children and want information on how to raise them to (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK marks OCD Awareness Week

    This week (14-20 October) marks OCD Awareness Week, ‘an international effort to raise awareness and understanding about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with the goal of helping more people to get timely access to appropriate and effective treatment.’ Ac (Read more…)

  • World Mental Health day helps raise awareness for us all

    Supported by all of the major institutions around the globe, World Mental Health day takes places annually on October 10th and is an ideal platform to help raise awareness of mental health issues. This year’s theme will focus on mental health and older (Read more…)

  • Anxiety: the silent sufferers

    New research out this week suggests that anxiety is often suffered in silence, as over two thirds of the estimated three million UK sufferers fail to seek treatment. The study carried out by the British Acupuncture Council and Anxiety UK, to mark World (Read more…)

  • Have you used NHS psychological therapies?

    Mind is conducting a survey about experiences of psychological therapies, waiting times, therapy choices and what it was like trying to access treatment. The results of the survey will be used to provide suggestions for improving services. Please take (Read more…)

  • Greater understanding of mental health urgently needed

    In the week we mark World Mental Health Day, calling on everyone to strive for greater understanding for those living with a mental health condition, Anxiety UK has been struck by examples on either side of the fence. The charity, which supports thousa (Read more…)

  • Phobia Free app provides a ‘fun’ way to tackle spider phobia

    As mentioned earlier this week, Anxiety UK is partnering with Virtually Free to provide their new Phobia Free app at no charge for those who wish to get sponsored in a challenge to overcome their fear of spiders. You can read more about how to get invo (Read more…)

  • Face your Fear of Spiders and support Anxiety UK for Halloween

    Virtually Free – a UK-based technology start up that develops apps to improve emotional health – today announces it is teaming up with Anxiety UK, the UK’s largest charity dedicated to anxiety disorders to raise awareness of phobias through a joint ini (Read more…)

  • Early intervention has to be balanced against wider children’s needs and service capacity

    Proposals to introduce mental health checks and screening on children as young as seven years old have received a mixed reaction from many leading mental health charities. Anxiety UK echoed the views of the sector saying there was a real danger that la (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK adds its voice to Halloween costume criticism and calls for better training for staff

    Anxiety UK has added its voice to the criticism of high street retailers Asda and Tesco over the sale of Halloween fancy dress party costumes it described as “stupid, crass and offensive.” Asda has since withdrawn the product and issued an apology for (Read more…)

  • Information & Advice on Mental Health Issues – Rethink Carers Group Stockport

    The Rethink Carers Group has managed to arrange a seminar with Doug Feery (public law, human rights and mental health law specialist barrister), who has delivered at various of the national and northern Rethink sessions and Mark McGhee, a solicitor who (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Patron recognised in medical book awards

    The work of Dr Chris Williams, one of Anxiety UK’s Patron’s was recognised at the annual British Medical Association Medical Book and Patient Information Awards, held in London on  Tuesday 17th September 2013. The  I feel so bad I can’t go on book by D (Read more…)

  • Psychological Therapies 2013

    Re-thinking Psychological Therapies in the new NHS Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November 2013, Mermaid Conference Centre, London The New Savoy 7th Annual Conference ‘Psychological therapies in the NHS 2013’ marks the halfway point for the Coalition Govern (Read more…)

  • Anxiety Disorders Conference 2013

    Anxiety UK and international medical conference specialists Medineo, will be holding a special Anxiety Disorders Conference in Manchester on 21st November 2013. About the conference The one-day conference on Anxiety Disorders will be held on the 21st o (Read more…)

  • Victim’s needs in criminal cases should be also considered say Anxiety UK

    The needs and impact on the well being of victims of crime who suffer from an anxiety condition or any similar form of mental health illness should be considered when sentencing tariffs are being set say Anxiety UK. The country’s leading anxiety disord (Read more…)

  • Back to school doesn’t have to be an anxious time says Anxiety UK

    Ahead of the start of a new  academic year, the country’s leading anxiety charity, Anxiety UK, says going back to school can often be a stressful and anxious times for staff, parents and pupils. However, the charity says preparing for the challenges th (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK and Self Help Services ensure a warm Mancunian welcome for OCD-UK team on route to John O’Groats

    Ashley Fulwod (l) Nicky Lidbetter and Paul Salkovskis at the Zion Centre Manchester-based charities Anxiety UK and Self Help Services ensured their friends from OCD-UK received a warm welcome during a brief detour to the Zion Centre in the middle of th (Read more…)

  • Kick off the new season with a treasured piece of memorabilia

    While United fans prepare for the new season wondering if Wayne Rooney will still be playing at Old Trafford the chance to kick off the new season with a unique piece of memorabilia from Anxiety UK has been extended until the end of September. Anxiety (Read more…)

  • No room for complacency say Anxiety UK

    A recent survey by the Office for National Statistics has revealed “small improvements” in people’s overall happiness with levels of anxiety reducing by almost one per cent. But there can be no room for complacency when dealing with anxiety disorders a (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes call from MPs for a greater choice of psychological therapies

    Anxiety UK has welcomed the call from the 40 Group of MPs for a greater choice of psychological therapies to be provided by the NHS. It is one of a series of policy ideas recently published by the 40 Group, a group of Conservative MPs representing the (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK seek new Board Secretary

    The Board of Trustees of Anxiety UK are seeking to recruit a new Board Secretary to help deliver the strategic vision of the charity. Role Description: Board Secretary of Anxiety UK Board of Trustees Role summary In addition to the responsibilities of (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Young Ambasaador pays tribute to Andy Murray as he prepares for home round of European F3 championship

    A potential champion of the future has paid tribute to the hard work and dedication that helped Andy Murray become the first British winner of the Wimbledon Men’s singles last weekend. Aspiring racing driver Cameron Twynham, a Young Ambassador for Anxi (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes the debate about young people and mental health awareness

    Anxiety UK welcomes the launch of today and the provision of dedicated support for mental health it will provide for young people between 11-17 that will complement the work of the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity supporting (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Stress Tips app wins best practice award from MHPF

    Anxiety UK are celebrating after its Stress Tips phone app won a best practice award from the Mental Health Providers Forum (MHPF) at its inaugural awards ceremony in London this week (July 2nd). The Stress Tips phone app was a joint winner of the Best (Read more…)

  • Millions still missing out on the treatment they need for mental ill-health say Anxiety UK

    A new survey has revealed that one in five people over the age of 16 experience some form of anxiety or depression but millions may be missing out on the treatment they need say Anxiety UK. Despite the investment in Improving Access to Psychological Th (Read more…)

  • More should be done to help carers say Anxiety UK

    More needs to be done to safeguard the needs of those caring and supporting people with anxiety disorders and other mental health illnesses say Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity. A survey recently undertaken by the charity dur (Read more…)

  • New Phobia app helps users address their fears

    Virtually Free, a UK-based technology start-up that recently launched the unique Stress Free app, has released its latest development Phobia Free. The app features high definition fully animated and voice-acted sessions that train the user in relaxatio (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK contributes to Student Minds’ ‘Guide for Friends’ resource, launched this week

    We were pleased to recently contribute to a resource for young people’s charity, Student Minds. The Guide for Friends was shaped by students’ own experiences and supports them to look out for their friends, ‘from starting a conversation to navigating t (Read more…)

  • Pop star Bressie opens up to Anxiety UK

    Irish pop star Niall Breslin, or Bressie as he is more commonly known, has recently spoken out about his battle with anxiety following the launch of his latest album Rage & Romance. Many of the songs on the new album, which shot to the top of the I (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK adds its voice to DSM-5 criticism

    Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, has added its voice to the growing criticism of the recently published Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5. The first major update of DSM-5 for twenty years, the m (Read more…)

  • Silverstone success for Anxiety UK Young Ambassador Cameron Twynham

    Cameron heading for another podium finish at Silverstone A late decision to enter into the opening round of the British F3 at Silverstone proved to be an inspired one for Anxiety UK Young Ambassador Cameron Twynham. The 17-year old Team West-Tec driver (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcome fitness-for-work tests landmark judgement

    Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, has welcomed the judgement in a landmark ruling that people with mental health disorders are being disadvantaged when being assessed for to claim sickness benefits. The ruling handed down aga (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcome new social anxiety guidelines

    A prompt diagnosis of social anxiety disorder is crucial in ensuring people access the most clinically and cost effective treatment, according to NICE. Social anxiety disorder, which has been called ‘social phobia’ in the past, is one of the most commo (Read more…)

  • Helplines Partnership provides strength in quality provision for helplines

    Helplines Partnership rebrands to enforce its representation of the helplines sector across the UK and internationally, following the merger of Mental Health Helplines Partnership (mhhp), The Helplines Association (THA) and ICIS : information for life. (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK and BAcC launch joint anxiety research survey

    To promote Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19th May), The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has partnered with Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity to launch a joint research project and increase awareness of how traditional ac (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK survey reveals government changes are increasing anxiety levels

    Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, say changes to the government’s welfare reform agenda and housing benefit are having a seriously detrimental affect on their levels of anxiety. The introduction of Personal Independent Paymen (Read more…)

  • Upbeat Cameron chasing top marks at Portimao

    Cameron is hoping for another winning weekend Anxiety UK ‘s Young Ambassador Cameron Twynham travels to Portimao in Portugal this weekend confident of continuing his winning start to the European F3 Open campaign. The 17-year-old student from Market Ha (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launch Stress Tips app on BlackBerry 10 platform

    Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, has launched its Stress Tips phone app on the new BlackBerry 10 platform today (Monday 29th April, 2013). After its initial launch in 2011, and updated with new features last year to coincide (Read more…)

  • Chill out and support Anxiety UK in Norwich this weekend

    A ‘Relaxathon’ at the Forum in Norwich this weekend (Sunday 28th April 2013) offers local residents the opportunity to chill out while also supporting the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK. Hosted by stress consultant Judy Reeves (Read more…)

  • Paul Ricard a springboard for successful season

    Anxiety UK Young Ambassador Cameron Twynham kicks off his 2013 European F3 Open campaign at Paul Ricard this weekend eager to make a strong start to his Copa Class title bid with Team West-Tec. The British youngster is making his championship debut at (Read more…)

  • A snappy new way to support Anxiety UK

    A supporter of Anxiety UK, the leading anxiety disorders charity in the UK, has launched a unique fundraising initiative selling photographs online for as little as just one pound. A former professional photographer who once ran a small photography ser (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK assists the launch of first online patient support centre for Vasculitis sufferers

    Anxiety UK has been commissioned to assist with the first online patient support centre for Vasculitis sufferers following months of work by the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation (LCTF). The charity was set up two years ago by Adrienne and Grant Currie (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK fear potential mental health services meltdown

    Cuts in frontline budgets, major reorganization in the NHS, a lack of resources for GPs and healthcare staff who are not always as understanding of anxiety and mental health disorders are all factors that are potentially undermining the quality of ment (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcome launch of new Stress Free app

    A unique new app that provides self-help support to sufferers in the form of four tried and tested relaxation techniques has been welcomed by Anxiety UK, the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity. Stress Free uses quality animations, which are fu (Read more…)

  • Cold snap increases anxiety and stress for elderly and hard pressed families fear Anxiety UK

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, say they fear the recent spell of cold weather will have led to increased anxiety for many hard pressed families and the elderly.   The unseasonal wintery weather combined with the risin (Read more…)

  • NICE guidelines evidence update – common mental health disorders

    NICE has issued a new Evidence Update that focuses on a summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE clinical guideline 123 ‘Common mental health disorders: identification and pathways to care’  (2011). “The Evidence Update on common mental health (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK urge new commissioners to learn from past funding mistakes on mental health

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, is calling for the new GP-led clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to learn from their predecessors’ past mistakes when it comes to funding mental health services. The new CCGs will come into (Read more…)

  • LCTF and Anxiety UK live webinar will discuss anxiety with Vasculitis

    The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation (LCTF) and Anxiety UK will host a live webinar presented by Paul Murricane, the former BAFTA nominated producer for Dispatches and Equinox documentaries, at 2.30pm on Tuesday 9th April 2013. The webinar will also f (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK backs YoungMinds CAMHS concerns

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, is backing calls from the children and young people’s mental health charity YoungMinds, for local authorities to ensure that local services work as one system with joint commissioning and joi (Read more…)

  • AnxietyUK and Greatvine Partnership

    Anxiety UK has announced that its pilot partnership project with Greatvine will end today (Friday 8th March 2013). In order to facilitate greater access to therapeutic support outside of traditional office hours a partnership between Anxiety UK and Gre (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK praises Oscar winner’s mental health comments

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, has praised Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence for her comments regarding the stigma attached to mental health disorders. Ms Lawrence won the Best Actress award in Los Angeles at the weekend in t (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK offers help and advice for young people’s phobias

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, is encouraging parents to seek advice after a poll carried out by ITV’s This Morning and parenting website Netmums revealed a lack of awareness of “school phobia”. The results also showed tha (Read more…)

  • Race Partnership Aims To Put Anxiety UK In Pole Position

    Aspiring racing driver Cameron Twynham and his sponsors MRE Motorsport have launched a unique partnership with Anxiety UK to help raise awareness of anxiety in young people and promote the charity’s work. The partnership will see Cameron become an amba (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes MPs mental health service

    The country’s leading anxiety disorders charity, Anxiety UK, has welcomed the introduction of a new service to support MPs dealing with mental health issues. The House of Commons Members’ Estimates Committee has allocated £25,000 to set up a clinic at (Read more…)

  • Abolish Angst with Acupuncture

    Acupuncture Awareness Week supported by the British Acupuncture Council runs from 25th February-3rd March 2013 and aims to help better inform people about the ancient practice of acupuncture. The campaign will highlight how acupuncture can be used to t (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK seeks new Board Secretary

    Anxiety UK is seeking applications for a new Trustee position of Board Secretary. This is a non-paid position. The job description can be read here The person specification can be read here If you wish to be considered for this position please send a c (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK gives mixed welcome to Mental Health Bill

    Anxiety UK has given a mixed welcome to the third reading of the Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill in the House of Lords today (Monday February 11th, 2013). The leading anxiety disorders charity in the UK say the Mental Health Bill will make signific (Read more…)

  • Have you tried our stress tips app?

    Have you tried our stress tips app? Stress Tips is available for 69p on Android and iPhone devices by visiting either Google Play or iTunes and searching for Stress Tips. More info here    

  • Anxiety UK says it is “disappointed” with blue badge scheme response

    Thousands of Blue Badge parking permit holders who suffer from an anxiety or mental health disorder are set to lose out when the government introduces new eligibility criteria this year as part of its welfare reforms. One of the country’s leading menta (Read more…)

  • New national OCD treatment centre

    A unique new NHS specialist treatment centre for OCD and Anxiety is to be launched through a partnership between the University of Bath and Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust (AWP) led by Anxiety UK clinical advisor and OCD-UK patron, Professor P (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK response to NICE draft guidelines for social anxiety

    Anxiety UK, one of the country’s leading anxiety and disorder charities, has submitted its response to the draft National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines on the treatment of social anxiety disorder. The proposed guideline (Read more…)

  • Understanding Anxiety booklet launched by Anxiety UK

    A new resource to help guide sufferers through the mystery of anxiety and provide them with a greater understanding of what anxiety really is. Written by Anxiety UK’s CEO, Nicky Lidbetter, the guide has been developed alongside input from a wide range (Read more…)

  • Retail redundancies spark concerns at Anxiety UK

    One of the country’s leading mental health charities, Anxiety UK, has raised concerns that not enough is being done by employers and administrators to support staff facing redundancy. The recent run of redundancies in the retail sector with closures at (Read more…)

  • Blue Monday PR ‘stunt’ belittles mental health issues says Anxiety UK

    A leading charity that deals with anxiety and other mental health related issues, Anxiety UK, has criticised the ‘Blue Monday’ campaign and labelled it a PR ‘stunt’ that belittles mental health issues. The third Monday in January was given the tag of ‘ (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK will call Blue Monday a “PR Stunt”

    Anxiety UK will tomorrow call Blue Monday a PR ‘stunt’ that belittles mental health issues – a full statement will be available on our web site on Monday morning.

  • Why being a member makes sense says Anxiety UK

    Research into the cost of talking therapy has highlighted the benefits of Anxiety UK’s support package, with the cost of treatment saving a member on average up to £480 over the course of six sessions. Anxiety UK has negotiated a discounted fee tier fo (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcome the launch of new E4 series My Mad Fat Diary

    Anxiety UK has welcomed the launch of a new TV series on channel E4 that it says will help bring mental health issues in young people into the mainstream and help reduce the stigma attached to such conditions. Set in the mid-90s the new show, My Mad Fa (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK criticise “insensitive” Jobcentre and calls for review of all agoraphobia related policies

    Anxiety UK has questioned bosses at an Essex Jobcentre that have insisted that a 22-year old unemployed agoraphobic woman must attend face to face meetings with its staff. The case was highlighted in the national media after Jobcentre staff insisted th (Read more…)

  • Make a difference in 2013!

    Since the New Year, Anxiety UK has been contacted by several generous individuals, wishing to raise funds for the charity. This is vital income that ensures we can continue to provide essential services to thousands of people affected by anxiety in 201 (Read more…)

  • Keep stress at bay this Christmas

    For many people, Christmas can be a very stressful time of year. Crowded shops, children bored with their gifts by Boxing Day, and the expectation that you should be festive and jolly can all take their toll. According to Beating Anger, nearly one in t (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK’s Christmas hours

    Anxiety UK strives to be open as much as possible over the Christmas period but this year, we will be closed at additional times unfortunately. Please see below for dates and times our helpline and office will be open: Monday, 24th December: 9:30-2:45 (Read more…)

  • Pharmacy expert offers advice in virtual surgery on Dec 19

    Service users and carers with a query about psychiatric medication can ask an expert in a special online forum next week. Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust’s Head of Pharmacy Petra Brown will be answering queries as part of Anxiety UK’s we (Read more…)

  • Text ANUK13 to 70070 to donate to Anxiety UK

    The run up to Christmas is often a stressful time, so please spare a thought for anyone who also has the added pressure of suffering from anxiety; those who are consumed with worry about how they will be able to struggle to put on a merry face when all (Read more…)

  • Let’s Talk about GAD

    A new Augmented Reflection film, Let’s Talk about GAD, launches today to raise awareness of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – a little known condition despite affecting one in 20 adults in the UK.  The campaign, run in collaboration with Pfizer Phar (Read more…)

  • American basketball player highlights anxiety in the workplace

    Earlier this week, Anxiety UK was alerted to an American basketball player, Royce White, who has been so affected by his anxiety, it has led to difficulties with his career with the Houston Rockets. Royce is reported to suffer from Generalised Anxiety (Read more…)

  • ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ begins & gets people talking about their fears

    Every year when ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ begins, more and more people start to talk about what they fear the most. Seeing the likes of Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan panic after being trapped in total darkness with an ostrich may not be at the top of e (Read more…)

  • How moving more can reduce stress

    In a recent Anxiety UK membership survey, we asked if members found physical exercise helpful in the treatment and management of anxiety. A resounding 93% of respondents did, with many saying that activities such as walking, yoga, gardening, swimming, (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Vacancy: Office Administrator

    Anxiety UK is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Office Administrator to join our team at our offices in Hulme, Manchester. Click here for further details. The deadline for applications is 12:00 noon on Thursday, 1st November.

  • Anxiety UK re-releases App to celebrate World Mental Health Day

    In July 2011, we released a Smartphone Application called Stress Tips that included tips from people from all walks of life on how they manage their anxiety. A re-Tweet at the time from Stephen Fry endorsing the App as ‘good advice all round’ saw downl (Read more…)

  • Mental Health Wellbeing Event this Saturday!

    Anxiety UK’s sister charity, Self Help Services, will be holding a Mental Health Wellbeing event this Saturday, 13th October from 1:00-4:00 at Friend’s Meeting House in Manchester. The event will include: A Mental Health Market Place – with stalls from (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK seeking experienced communications professional

    This is an exciting opportunity for the right person to build on their existing communications experience as  our Communications Officer during the maternity leave of the substantive post-holder; developing a wide range of skills working for a small ch (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launches new programme: Steps to Success

    Steps to Success is a 16 hour programme that offers people living in Manchester who are experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, etc., and who are also out of work, the opportunity to: Meet others Exchange skills Develop (Read more…)

  • Check out the Anxiety UK shop for new, exciting products!

    The Anxiety UK shop has a new range of products to help people manage their anxiety, including the ability to instantly download comprehensive anxiety guides and books, and the introduction of two new relaxation CDs by renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist (Read more…)

  • Looking for a good cause to support?

    We are always looking for individuals who would like to raise funds on our behalf. Fundraisers and donors provide vital income to the charity as we do not receive any funding for the services we provide, including our therapy service and national helpl (Read more…)

  • Help AUK’s CEO reach fundraising goal!

    Nicky Lidbetter, Anxiety UK’s CEO, recently ran the Stockport 10k in a race that challenged her both physically and mentally. She would like to reach her goal of raising more than £100 for Anxiety UK by the end of the weekend. Please click here to show (Read more…)

  • If Generalised Anxiety Disorder were a picture or image, what would it be?

    Anxiety UK is working with partners to find out what images come to mind when people think about Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is the most common anxiety disorder amongst Anxiety UK members and is often described as ‘chronic worry,’ as suffer (Read more…)

  • Win a ticket to the Harlow Health and Healing Festival!

    Anxiety UK is pleased to offer 20 free tickets to the Harlow Health and Healing Festival in September. The festival will include 60+ exhibition stands and promises to be a great event. To find out more about the festival, click here. To be in with a ch (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Webchat: How your diet can influence your mood

    Anxiety UK will be holding a special web-chat on Wednesday, 8th August from 7:00-9:00 pm. This session will focus on how your diet can influence your mood and will provide advice on how you can change your diet in order to manage your mental health. Th (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK study finds technology can increase anxiety

    A set of studies by Anxiety UK, looking at the relationship between technology (i.e. computers, mobile phones, Smartphones and social networking sites) and anxiety, has produced headline grabbing findings. Nearly all of respondents use computers and mo (Read more…)

  • National Voices requests your opinion on access to NICE approved treatments

    Why this survey is being conducted The NHS Constitution, which became law in November 2009, states that patients have a right to NICE-approved therapies when these are clinically appropriate. Yet some patients suspect that they are being denied access (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK volunteer shortlisted for prestigious award!

    Richard has volunteered with Anxiety UK for over a year, most notably helping to transform the charity’s membership database to a state-of-the art, bespoke system, saving the charity thousands of pounds in the process. He has been shortlisted for the I (Read more…)

  • Do you have ‘an anxiety sweet spot?’

    Anxiety receives its fare share of media interest and this week saw a few mentions of ‘an anxiety sweet spot,’ where a person is motivated to succeed but not totally overcome with anxiety that they cannot function. To read more about this theory, click (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK needs YOU!

    We are starting a Members Advisory and Reference Panel (MARP for short) and are recruiting members and supporters to join us. Panel members will act as critical friends of the charity, advising on services and other developments as they arise within th (Read more…)

  • Jubilee weekend hours

    Anxiety UK will be closed over the long weekend, reopening on Wednesday 6th June at 9:30. If you need assistance before then, please visit our HealthUnlocked community by clicking here. There you will be able to get support from other anxiety sufferers (Read more…)

  • Join our new community!

    We recently launched a new online community for anxiety sufferers with HealthUnlocked. Here you can seek advice from other anxiety sufferers, provide support and start your own blog. It’s a great way to connect with other anxiety sufferers and is free (Read more…)

  • Welcome to our new website!

    You may have noticed we’ve freshened up a bit! Our newly relaunched website includes a great deal of new features, including a new community, therapy location map, and easily accessible links to donate, view events and become a member. Have a look arou (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Vacancy: Administration Coordinator

    Anxiety UK is currently recruiting for a part time Administration Coordinator. Closing date for applications is 12 noon on the 18th May, to find out more information and apply, click here.  

  • Children and anxiety webchat hosted by Professor Karina Lovell and Dr Lucy Russell

    Anxiety UK will be running a webchat on the topic of anxiety in children and young people on Wednesday, May 9th, between 7pm and 9pm. The discussion will be hosted by two professionals in this field: Professor Karina Lovell, a professor in mental healt (Read more…)

  • Thanks for your generosity!

    Anxiety UK held a successful fundraising event at the weekend, attended by members and supporters, raising more than £1,000 for the Anxiety UK helpline. “Our helpline is the first port of call for many experiencing anxiety for the first time,” explaine (Read more…)

  • Are we in ‘the age of anxiety?’

    In a recent issue of the Sunday Telegraph, anxiety was described as ‘a very modern malaise’; described as such due to the way that modern life has the potential to increase anxiety and stress. Anxiety UK is very keen to explore the link between technol (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK announces new partnership

    Anxiety UK and the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (apdo-uk) announced a new partnership at the association’s conference last week. apdo-uk was founded in 2004 in response to a growing nationwide interest in clutter-free living. (Read more…)

  • New service to help schools manage student stress

    Expert help is now available for schools to manage issues surrounding mental health difficulties as Anxiety UK has launched a school membership subscription package to help teaching staff address the difficulties and stigmas that surround mental health (Read more…)

  • Join us at a ‘Disco & Buffet’ event in Bury this April!

    This event is a great opportunity to meet other Anxiety UK members, supporters, staff & trustees. Please join us! What: Disco, buffet, raffle & auction, including a signed Manchester United Football Shirt! When: Saturday, 21st April from 7:00 p (Read more…)

  • Extraordinary efforts of Anxiety UK supporter to raise awareness

    Stuart Jessop departed from London Bridge on 9th October, and is walking the entire coast of England to raise awareness of mental health and funds for Anxiety UK and Sane. Stuart is walking clockwise around the country, across the Scottish borders and (Read more…)

  • What Keeps You Up At Night?

    New data show why some people struggle to sleep and suggests that for those with Generalised Anxiety Disorder a regular night’s sleep is something they can only dream of. A new survey shows that 60% of people surveyed (total surveyed 1018) experience d (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK celebrates founder’s 80th birthday!

    The staff and volunteers of Anxiety UK were pleased to help Anxiety UK co-founder, Harold Fisher, celebrate his 80th birthday last week. Many will have spoken to Harold over the years. He took an active role in providing support on the helpline since s (Read more…)

  • What did you think about our helpline?

    Anxiety UK has agreed to take part in an external evaluation which is being carried out by the Mental Health Foundation, an independent UK charity. The purpose of the evaluation is to see whether our helpline service is useful to you, and also how we c (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK is seeking a Peer Mentoring Project Coordinator

    Anxiety UK is seeking a Coordinator to lead on the charity’s successful Peer Mentoring Project. Funded by Big Lottery, the project supports peer mentors and mentees in their journey back into employment, training or further volunteering. To find out mo (Read more…)

  • Australian suggests changing diet to reduce anxiety

    A study conducted by Dr Felice Jacka in Australia has shown that what we eat can have a profound effect on our mental health in the long term, reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Dr Jacka interviewed more than 1,000 women regarding their diets (Read more…)

  • How is technology affecting people who live with anxiety?

    Technology is all around us. Most of us keep our mobile phone by our side and access to the internet is never far away. But how does this affect people living with anxiety. Recent studies have shown that smartphones can cause stress and that some peopl (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK applauds American woman’s extraordinary New Year’s resolution

    Every year, many of us make a New Year’s resolution. A great number of people resolve to be more physically fit, to eat more healthily or to spend more quality time with their family. But one American woman’s resolution was much greater. Arlynn Presser (Read more…)

  • Research shows anxiety & anti-depressant use on the rise

    Recent research by the NHS Information Centre has shown that since the onset of the credit crunch four years ago, cases of people being admitted to hospital for anxiety disorders and panic attacks rose by one third. Findings suggest that out-patient ap (Read more…)

  • Thank you for helping us reach our helpline campaign goal!

    Many thanks to everyone who donated to our helpline campaign. The charity raised £2,048 to support the helpline, the first port of call for many living with anxiety. “Knowing there are so many people out there who support the work of Anxiety UK is a gr (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK’s Christmas hours

    Anxiety UK is committed to providing support to those struggling with anxiety at any time of year. Due to the centre we are based in being closed or having limited opening hours over the Christmas period, however, we will have reduced helpline and emai (Read more…)

  • Winter 2011 Anxious Times out now!

    The winter 2011 edition of Anxious Times is available now. This issue includes: An interview with Anxiety UK Patron Marcus Trescothick Findings from the 2011 Annual Membership Survey Good mood food recipe ‘My experience with anxiety and IBS’ ‘Health an (Read more…)

  • Member’s professional web-chat: 6th December

    Anxiety UK will be holding a professionally led chat event in the members’ chat room on Tuesday, 6th December from 7:00-9:00 pm. The topic will be benefits and anxiety, led by Elaine Wilkinson from Money Matters Manchester. This event is only open to A (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK featured on BBC Radio 4

    Anxiety UK’s Mentoring Project will be featured on BBC Radio 4’s programme All in the Mind next week. The programme will air on Tuesday, 29th November at 9:00 pm and Wednesday, 30th November at 3:30 pm. To listen online, click here.

  • Anxiety UK research reveals high numbers of people living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Anxiety UK has revealed research conducted this autumn, showing 59% of respondents are living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is a condition where the sufferer feels in a constant state of high anxiety. “GAD always ranks high amongst our m (Read more…)

  • Help us choose our new strap-line!

    We are changing the strap-line on our logo and would like your help choosing it. Currently the strap-line reads ‘The Anxiety Disorders Charity’ and is found directly below our logo. To vote for your favourite, click here. Many thanks to our members who (Read more…)

  • Workplace stress & anxiety web-chat: CHANGE OF DATE

    A live web-chat for Anxiety UK members will be held on Monday, 7th  November from 7:00-9:00 pm in the members’ chat room. This session, originally scheduled for 1st November and led by Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University, will focus on workpl (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK raises much needed funds during Face Your Fears Week

    In September, Anxiety UK held its first ever Face Your Fears Week, where people throughout the country were encouraged to challenge their fears and phobias whilst raising funds for the charity. Individuals did all sorts of events in the spirit of facin (Read more…)

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists highlight need for mental health support for students in new research

    The Royal College of Psychiatrists has published a new report into the mental health of students in higher education. The report calls for more investment in mental health support for university students, amid concerns that some students with mental he (Read more…)

  • Professional web-chat cancelled due to technical difficulties

    Due to unforeseen technical difficulties in our chat-room, we have had to cancel the professional web-chat scheduled for Tuesday, 11th October. The session with Dr David Veale, focusing on body dismorphic disorder (BDD) and emetophobia, will be schedul (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK kicks off Face Your Fears Week!

    Anxiety UK kicked off Face Your Fears Week Monday with a launch event and Animal Encounters Workshop. Face Your Fears Week runs from 25 September – 1 October 2011, where people all over the country are being encouraged to challenge their fears and phob (Read more…)

  • Mentoring programme receives ‘Approved Provider Standard’ in 1st year

    Anxiety UK has successfully completed the first year of a pilot mentoring and employment project and was recently awarded the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation’s coveted ‘Approved Provider Standard.’ “It was evident that the mentoring project is hig (Read more…)

  • Public speaking your worst nightmare? If so, read on…

    One of the greatest fears is that of speaking in public. Whether in the workplace, whilst seeking employment or pitching on behalf of your employer, it is something which at some point will have to be faced. But public speaking does not come naturally (Read more…)

  • Members’ Generalised Anxiety Disorder web-chat

    Anxiety UK will be holding a live web-chat, led by Dr David Baldwin, on 13th September from 7:00-9:00 pm. This session will be dedicated to Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and gives members the opportunity to ask an expert about the condition, share (Read more…)

  • We want YOU to Face Your Fears!

    1 in 6 UK adults lives with anxiety and an estimated 37% of UK adults are more anxious than they used to be. Despite the high numbers of people affected by it, anxiety remains something of a ‘taboo’ subject, with many sufferers living in fear of people (Read more…)

  • Can we have a bit of your time?

    Anxiety UK is seeking volunteers and is in need of a person with legal expertise to sit on our Management Committee. The ideal candidate would be able to advise on legal issues and contribute to regular Management Committee meetings. If you or someone (Read more…)

  • Listen to us on BBC Radio Manchester

    You can listen to Anxiety UK on BBC Radio Manchester’s Heather Stott Show by clicking here. The segment Anxiety UK appears on is from 2:04:29 where we talk about the Anxiety UK Animal Encounters Workshop, to be held on 26th September. For more informat (Read more…)

  • Overcome your fear of snakes or spiders

    Anxiety UK is challenging people to face their fears of spiders and snakes with a unique workshop in September. An estimated 13% of adults will develop a phobia at some point in their life, common fears being a fear of snakes and/or spiders. To help pe (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK CEO on BBC Radio York

    Anxiety UK CEO, Nicky Lidbetter, featured on BBC Radio York on 4th August, speaking about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The feature included the experience of a woman whose husband suffers with an extreme case of PTSD, following two tours of d (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK releases FREE Smartphone App

    Anxiety UK has released a FREE Smartphone Application called Stress Tips, which provides people with ‘top tips’ from fellow anxiety sufferers on how to manage anxiety and stress. Stress Tips includes more than 40 tips from people on how they manage str (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK volunteer shortlisted for IT volunteer of the year

    David Hadley, Anxiety UK’s website volunteer, was shortlisted at the Technology4Good awards and the ceremony was held this week in London. While David was not named as the winner, Anxiety UK would like to recognise his achievements in helping to create (Read more…)

  • Manchester mentors wanted!

    Anxiety UK is recruiting people with personal experience of anxiety to take part in the mentoring and employment programme. Mentors and mentees work together to identify goals around accessing their community or returning to employment/training. For mo (Read more…)

  • Mental Health Awareness Week: 23-30 May

    Mental Health Awareness Week is 23-30 May, this year focusing on how important sleep is in maintaining good mental health. According to the Mental Health Foundation, who organise the annual awareness week, poor sleep increases the risk of poor mental h (Read more…)

  • Revealed this week: mental illness ‘top reason to claim incapacity benefit’

    Research released this week has revealed that mental health problems have overtaken musculosketal disorders such as back pain as the main reason for claiming incapacity benefit. While claims due to mental health have remained steady over the period of (Read more…)

  • Singer with agoraphobia raises awareness of condition

    Jemma Pixie Hixon is the YouTube sensation who has achieved world wide attention for her musical achievements despite not leaving the house for more than two years due to agoraphobia. Many may have seen her videos, where she sings popular songs such as (Read more…)

  • Places for the Bupa Great Manchester Run available!

    Anxiety UK has places available for the Bupa Great Manchester Run, being held on Sunday, 15th May. Billed as ‘the nation’s favourite 10k running event,’ you’ll enjoy the achievement of taking part as well as the satisfaction of raising funds for Anxiet (Read more…)

  • Our hours over the Easter period

    Anxiety UK will be open until 5:30 pm on Thursday, 21st April. We will then operate under the following hours: Friday, 22nd April: CLOSED Saturday, 23rd April: CLOSED Sunday, 24th April: CLOSED Monday, 25th April: CLOSED Tuesday, 26th April: OPEN (9:30 (Read more…)

  • Featured product

    Occasionally, Anxiety UK likes to feature a product from our shop which has proved to be particularly useful to our members. ‘Overcoming Perfectionism’ (Roz Shafran, Sarah Egan and Tracey Wade), is part of the popular ‘overcoming’ series of self-help b (Read more…)

  • Do you have old self-help books gathering dust?

    If you have self-help books you no longer use, please send them to Anxiety UK, where we can sell them in our shop to people who may find them useful. Most people have one or two self-help books laying around and this is a great way to share books you’v (Read more…)

  • Members’ online support surgery being held 5th April at 7:00 pm

    On Tuesday, 5th April at 7:00 pm, Anxiety UK will hold its first online support surgery, facilitated by an Anxiety UK member with personal experience of the topic. Each month we will have a guest speaker at the group, giving members the opportunity to (Read more…)

  • Be part of Anxiety UK’s iPhone App!

    Anxiety UK is in the process of developing an iPhone app, aiming to raise awareness of anxiety and to show people they are not alone. It’s meant to be a light-hearted tool that will appeal to both people with anxiety and those without it. It will be fr (Read more…)

  • Have you joined the community?

    This week, Anxiety UK launched our new online community, providing the opportunity to connect with others living with anxiety and supporters of the charity. We’ve modeled it on popular social networking sites, allowing users to send each other private (Read more…)

  • Study claims charity staff under more stress

    A study undertaken by Hannah Law of YMCA says that despite being more emotionally engaged than others, voluntary sector workers receive less support, leading to higher risks of stress and burnout. “The negative impact of high levels of stress and burno (Read more…)

  • Spring 2011 edition of Anxious Times now available

    The spring edition of Anxious Times is now available to purchase and this quarter includes an interview with Anxiety UK’s latest celebrity supporter, Rebecca Front, as well as a special feature on emetophobia, Q & A with renowned hypnotherapist Urs (Read more…)

  • Do you have old self-help books gathering dust?

    If you have self-help books you no longer use, please send them to Anxiety UK, where we can sell them in our shop to people who may find them useful. Most people have one or two self-help books laying around and this is a great way to share books you’v (Read more…)

  • Research shows internet-based CBT useful for sufferers of health anxiety

    According to Swedish research published in this month’s British Journal of Psychiatry, internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for people living with health anxiety, also known as hypochondriasis. Those affected by (Read more…)

  • release mental health & debt help booklet

    Money worries can be a big problem and cause ongoing anxiety and uncertainty. Debt can feel like its taking over your life. Having a mental health problem can make it difficult to deal with money day to day and can affect your motivation, judgement and (Read more…)

  • Spring Anxious Times unveiled!

    The spring 2011 edition of Anxious Times, Anxiety UK’s quarterly magazine, is available from 3rd March, featuring an interview with Anxiety UK Patron Rebecca Front, one woman’s experience with EFT, member tips and our new Q & A with top Clinical Hy (Read more…)

  • Tips for achieving a good nights sleep

    When we are in a state of anxiety one of the most noticeable signs we may first see is that we have trouble sleeping. A lack of sleep can lead us feeling tired, run down, irritable and ultimately sleep deprivation can be very anxiety provoking. Therefo (Read more…)

  • Efforts to reduce mental health stigma take over Twitter

    Last week, Anxiety UK Patron and BAFTA Award Winning actress Rebecca Front, sparked a flurry of activity on social networking site Twitter by challenging users to post their mental health experiences in an effort to reduce mental health stigma. Rebecca (Read more…)

  • OCD Week is 7-13 February

    OCD Action’s annual OCD Awareness Week is around the corner, being observed throughout the UK from the 7th to the 13th of February. Anxiety UK and OCD Action have always worked closely since we have the common goal of raising awareness of those living (Read more…)

  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) update Anxiety Guidelines

    The updated guidelines for managing generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) have been released this week, providing updates to the evidence-based advice on the care and treatment of adults with GAD or panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia). GAD can be (Read more…)

  • Relief for sufferers of dental phobia

    A recent invention that cancels out the noise of a dentist’s drill could be welcome relief to sufferers of dental phobia. Many people are terrified of going to the dentist. Dental anxiety ranges from mild uneasiness experienced by most of us to acute a (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK releases 2010 membership survey report

    Anxiety UK relies on member feedback to be able to expand and improve services. Each year, we are pleased by the amount of feedback we receive in response to our annual membership survey. This year, we asked for member views about the services we provi (Read more…)

  • Christmas Anxiety Tips

    Thanks to everyone who submitted tips for surviving Christmas! We hope that these tips will be useful all year. 31st December Tip: The New Year is often seen as a fresh start. Think about what you’d like to achieve in 2011 and write yourself a message (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK on BBC Radio Manchester

    From 6-10 December, Anxiety UK will feature on BBC Radio Manchester’s Heather Stott Programme, highlighting people’s experiences across a range of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, OCD and health anxiety. You can tune in throughout the UK by (Read more…)

  • Gillian McKeith highlights ongoing stigma surrounding anxiety

    Gillian McKeith, star of You Are What You Eat, has recently sparked controversy over her anxiety and phobias in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Gillian, who admittedly suffers from a phobia of insects, water and heights, has repeatedly been selec (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK supports Self Care Week 15- 21 November

    Around 15 million people in England live with a long term health condition, accounting for around 70% of the total health and social care spend in England. Self care is about taking control of your own health and well being, something Anxiety UK knows (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK launches new resources for managing stress

    To mark National Stress Awareness Day, Anxiety UK has two new products available to help you manage stress and lead a more relaxed life. Overcoming Stress and Overcoming Perfectionism are both fantastic self-help guides, using cognitive behavioral tech (Read more…)

  • 3rd November is National Stress Awareness Day

    The 12th Annual National Stress Awareness Day is next week, highlighting the importance of managing stress in our day to day lives. Recent research undertaken by AXA Insurance Company indicates that stress levels have doubled in the past four years. As (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK welcomes the coalition”s commitment to mental health

    Anxiety UK welcomes the government”s decision to prioritise psychological care for the mentally ill, young and elderly and that a dedication to increased investment in psychological therapies for those in need has been written into the governments spen (Read more…)

  • Trapped Chilean miners highlight fears of thousands of claustrophobia sufferers

    As the Chilean miners reach the end of being trapped nearly five miles underground for the past two months, their prolonged entrapment highlights the fears of thousands of claustrophobia sufferers. Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of confined spac (Read more…)

  • Anxiety and asthma

    Anxiety UK has recently partnered with Asthma UK to create a ‘fact-file’ in order to help those living with both anxiety and asthma. It is hoped that the information will go some way to help people understand their symptoms and know where they can go f (Read more…)

  • Celebrate World Mental Health Day

    Sunday, 10th October is World Mental Health Day, aiming to promote greater public awareness and understanding of mental health and mental illness. 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health difficulty in our lifetime so this is a great opportunity t (Read more…)

  • New Fundraising Pack Now Available

    Anxiety UK has produced a new fundraising pack for those looking to fundraise for us. As well as helpful tips on what to do for your fundraiser and advice on writing a press release, it also includes vital points about Gift Aid and setting up a Bmychar (Read more…)