Regular donations

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Like most charities, Anxiety UK faces a constant struggle to stay afloat while providing vital services that help thousands of people across the UK. By giving regularly, we are able to expand our work, secure in the knowledge that we have your ongoing support – support that we can rely on.

There are three ways you can give regularly.

Friends of Anxiety UK scheme (FAUK)

You might be someone who has previously been a member of Anxiety UK, or indeed a carer/family member of someone who has an anxiety disorder.  Alternatively you may be a professional associate of the charity. Whatever your involvement has been in the past, in becoming a “Friend of Anxiety UK” you will be helping to provide anxiety sufferers all over the country with the support they so desperately need.

Please consider joining the Friends of Anxiety UK scheme where a donation of £2 or £5 a month could enable us to do any one of the following:

  • Answer five calls to the Anxiety UK helpline from sufferers who desperately need our help
  • Process two therapy referrals for Anxiety UK members, so they can get the help they need
  • Produce four issues of the Anxious Times magazine

You can become a Friend of Anxiety UK by setting up a standing order for £2, £5 or £10 a month (or for any amount you feel appropriate). Every little really does help.

Your support will enable us to help both the current members of Anxiety UK who rely on our services and beyond this the 30,000 anxious people that Anxiety UK helps every year.

If you would like to become a “Friend of Anxiety UK” please download the “Friends of Anxiety UK” leaflet here. Complete the standing order form, forwarding when complete to: Anxiety UK, Zion Community Resource Centre, 339 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester M15 4ZY.

Alternatively, we can post a leaflet to you. Ring 08444 775 774 or email to request one.

Give a monthly gift by Standing Order

Regular gifts by standing order helps to keep our administration costs to a minimum, allowing us to make the very best use of your donation. The setting up of a standing order is quick and simple.

If you are eligible for gift aid, your regular donation will be worth even more at no extra cost to you. For every pound you donate we can reclaim the tax back from the government – that’s an extra 25p.

Setting up a Standing Order

  1. Download the standing order form
  2. Fill in the form with your details
  3. Email the form to us or post the form to us at Anxiety UK, Zion Community Resource Centre, 339 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester M15 4ZY.
  4. We will arrange the standing order for you. It’s as simple as that.
payroll giving

Payroll giving

Payroll giving enables you to donate straight from your gross salary before tax is deducted. So for a basic rate taxpayer wanting to give a £10 donation, the same amount will be taken from the gross salary but you will benefit from a reduction in your income tax liability of up to 40%.

The scheme has achieved success with many larger companies and recently there has been a launch of a new scheme called the Payroll Giving Grants Programme which has provided a route for payroll giving for smaller companies and charities.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) manages the Give As You Earn Scheme, which is responsible for two thirds of the £90 million given every year through payroll giving. It is backing the Government grant for small businesses and charities and has set up an online resource here.