Join our AUK Participation Project


Anxiety UK are setting up an Anxiety UK Participation Team for people to be involved in on a voluntary basis. As an organisation, Anxiety UK are contacted on a regular basis to be involved in different projects whether this be to undertake a book review, mobile phone app review or invited to attend events and / or man stalls at such events. The Anxiety UK Participation Team are responsible or the delivery of these tasks with members being required to review products etc. aligned to the treatment of anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

Therefore we are inviting people to apply to become members of the Anxiety UK Participation Team.

The list below gives an idea of the kind of projects an AUK Participation Team member could be involved in however the list is not exhaustive and may change:-

  1. Involvement in AUK interviews – volunteers / staff
  2. Web site reviews
  3. Mystery shoppers
  4. App reviews – including Anxiety UK app
  5. Book reviews;
  6. Reviewing our Anxious Times magazine
  7. Involvement with third parties i.e. The Bus Project
  8. Reviewing blogs and compiling blog content
  9. Sourcing prizes and donations from supporting organisations
  10. Events
  11. Running a specialist helpline.

To apply:

Anxiety UK offers a range of innovative and high quality services supported by staff and volunteers with personal experience of anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression. We would therefore welcome any applications from people who have similar personal experience.

If you are interested in joining the Anxiety UK Participation Team, please complete our volunteer application from, click here.