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We offer support, advice and information on all anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression conditions. We provide a wide range of services to support those affected by these conditions; from those living with stress or mild anxiety, through to those with more severe, complex and longstanding issues. Our friendly volunteers can answer your questions and help find the right resources to manage anxiety.

Who will I be connected to?

All contacts received through the helpline services are answered by a trained volunteer and/or staff member. Volunteers use the pseudonym ‘Chris’ when speaking over the phone or responding to emails and texts.

All staff and volunteers have completed comprehensive training on answering calls/emails as well as completing an intensive Anxiety UK core helpline training course. In addition, Anxiety UK’s Helpline Coordinator monitors the volunteer team to ensure quality of service (this includes monitoring calls from time to time). All staff and volunteers working on the Anxiety UK helpline services receive external supervision as well as access to ongoing training.

Our helpline services are built on Anxiety UK’s ethos that those who have at some time in their lives been affected by anxiety, stress and/or anxiety based depression are well placed to be able to offer support to others similarly affected. So, if you have any questions either for yourself or regarding supporting a loved one, do reach out to us via any of the the following helpline services:

National Helpline

Call us on 03444 775 774

This service is open 9.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday (except bank holidays).

Our helpline volunteers provide friendly support and guidance on how to deal with anxiety and can discuss techniques for immediate short-term relief of anxiety symptoms through to helping you find the right path of action for more long-term support.

You may find that calls to our helpline number are included in your phone plan as calls are the same as dialing an 01 or 02 number. The national rate for these types of calls is generally up to 9p from landlines and from 3p to 55p on mobile phones.

Anxiety UK’s helpline service is confidential and your caller ID is not visible. For more information about call recording please read here.

We are unable to make outgoing calls,  so ask that you don’t request us to call you back or provide your phone number in emails. Please call the helpline (03444 775 774) if you need to talk to us.

Ask Anxia service

Available in bottom right corner on every page of the website.

Anxia is our friendly eHelper available on our site 24/7 for all of your anxiety queries.

This service offers accessible information to anyone living with, or affected by stress, anxiety and/or anxiety-based depression. Anxia will include links to further information and relevant resources. This service also provides an alternative to contacting the helpline and talking over the phone.

For more information about data retention, click here.

Text service

Text us on 07537 416 905

We will respond to texts within 1 working day during our operating hours of 9.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday (except bank holidays).

You can text us for brief advice. Responses are limited to 160 characters, so we may ask for your email address if we feel we need to provide more in-depth support via email.

For more information about data retention, click here.

Further information

Confidentiality: All contact with our helpline services will be kept strictly confidential within the organisation, other than in cases where there may be a threat of terrorism or of significant harm to an individual.

Who can access our helpline services: We are able to provide support to anyone regardless of UK residency status; indeed we have members from all over the world.

Inappropriate use of services

We will not tolerate rude, abusive, offensive, racist or sexist language. Any contact received with content deemed offensive, abusive, racist, sexist etc. will not be responded to as we operate a zero-tolerance policy to abuse of any form. Our volunteers have been instructed to terminate the interaction if such abuse occurs. Legal action will be considered/taken if appropriate. For more information click here.

Please note: Anxiety UK’s helpline services are NOT crisis services. If you need urgent crisis support, please contact NHS 111, your own GP or go to your local A&E department if you require emergency support.

If you are living with any form of anxiety, mild or severe, we are here to help. Whilst the services listed above are not exclusive to members, becoming a member of Anxiety UK provides those with anxiety with a range of benefits, including fast access to reduced cost therapy and much more. For more information please click here, or to become a member now, click here.

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