Fast Access To Therapy

FAST has been developed to offer a quick, alternative method for non-members to access therapy support from Anxiety UK approved therapists. The service has been designed to provide a fast service for those seeking support quickly and can be provided via telephone or by webcam.

The initial referral will be responded to within one working day by the therapist who will make arrangements for your initial consultation session. The cost of FAST is £80 for the initial referral and £50 per session for all subsequent therapy consultations.

Terms & Conditions

The initial referral fee of £80 covers the cost of your referral to an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist who will contact you within one working day of your booking and provide an initial consultation at no further charge. All subsequent sessions are booked direct with your therapist at the flat rate of £50. This is a contract between you and the therapist for which Anxiety UK has no liability.

Please note that it is essential we have your GP contact details. Without this, we cannot process your application. We may contact your GP if you disclose information that results in us needing to your GP’s or any other medical professional involved in your care’s approval before referring you to an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist. For example, if you disclose feelings of suicidality, are on certain medication, have particular physical or mental health conditions. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

In most cases Anxiety UK would always discuss this with you before contacting your GP and/or others involved in your care, however, if issues of safety arise this may not always be possible. We will always contact you first before speaking to any others involved in your care regarding obtaining their view on your suitability for therapy through Anxiety UK.

If you are under the age of 18 years of age we will require a letter from your GP giving their permission for us to provide access to treatment as well as confirmation from your parent/guardian of their consent for you to access this service. 

Refund Policy

Anxiety UK does not offer refunds for FAST therapy sessions paid in advance as we will always be able to offer you support via either telephone or webcam.

We will not offer a refund if you change your mind about wanting therapy, either because you have now obtained access to an NHS therapist, or for any other reason.

If you have any questions about the Fast referral, please email, include the words “FAST REFERRAL” in the email subject line.

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