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Calm Club Anxiety Relief Sessions

Our Calm Club Anxiety Relief Sessions allow you to benefit from an approach that provides real relief and relaxation to help clear your mind from any day-to-day stress and anxiety.

Calm Club sessions run three times a week and are facilitated by an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist, qualified in clinical hypnotherapy.

Each week the three sessions cover the following topics –

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Positive thinking

you can book here and access these sessions as many times as you wish.

An annual subscription to Calm Club is only £15 for members and £50 for non-members. It gives you unlimited access to support. However, to administer and support each Calm Club subscription per annum it costs us £25 a year; therefore if you are able to give any additional support this would be most welcomed.

And, if you are a member of Anxiety UK and take out an annual subscription to Calm Club, you can also take advantage of a special offer currently available which entitles you to 10% off your first and last therapy fees, when you access a course of clinical hypnotherapy through ourselves.

Please note that once you have subscribed to Calm Club, our small, friendly team will forward further information about the service within 1-2 working days, including a short form for you to complete. If you haven’t heard from us within 1-2 working days, please email and we’ll be only too pleased to help.

Please ensure that this service is suitable for you before applying.

Differences between Calm Club and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Differences between Calm Club and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Service type: Calm Club Clinical Hypnotherapy
Who delivers the service: Group relaxation sessions delivered by a qualified Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist 1 to 1 therapy sessions with a qualified Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist
Format: Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist use scripts developed and gifted by hypnotherapist and Clinical Advisor to Anxiety UK, Professor Ursula James. Sessions are delivered in a group format with a maximum of 15 participants Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist provide 1 to 1 personalised and tailored clinical hypnotherapy sessions. Treatment plans are tailored according to presenting issues or problems
Session length: A Calm Club session lasts around 30-40 minutes A general clinical hypnotherapy session lasts around 50-60 minutes
Service frequency/duration: Can access unlimited amount of sessions throughout the year (subject to changes) A typical course consists 4-6 sessions; (top up sessions available)
Techniques used: Use of hypnosis-based techniques for self-help Use of hypnosis for the identification of personal strategies, defining an appropriate treatment strategy and a personalised protocol alleviation of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms.
Structure: Each week the three sessions cover one of the following topics:
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Positive thinking
Before commencing, treatment the hypnotherapist agrees a protocol with the client, defines the goal for treatment, and explains how this process works. In each session, the client has an opportunity to feedback improvements/changes, and, if appropriate, refine the objective of the therapy.
Cost: The minimum charge for an annual subscription to Calm Club is £15 for members and £50 for non-members, giving unlimited access to support Anxiety UK members can access the service at a reduced cost depending on their household income (£15-£50 per session)
Further info: More information:
More information:

Feedback from Calm Club members:

“I hadn’t used many of the services until this week, when I joined the Calm Club which gives me access to online relaxation sessions. I find them very effective for managing anxiety and I like the half hour sessions.”

Trustpilot reviewer

“A very relaxing anxiety reducing session with Anxiety UK. I felt very comfortable during the session. Everything was explained very clearly and I felt the benefit during the session and afterwards. I would highly recommend this.”

Google reviewer

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Anxiety webinars

Here you can find details of our next webinar utilising our pool of clinical advisors and wider professional contacts in the relevant fields to deliver a series of webinars on helpful anxiety related topics. The suggested donation for these events is £5.

For details of our webinar schedule visit:

Our forthcoming webinars are –

Parenting with anxiety 18th November 2021, 6pm

Blue spaces and the benefits for our mental health 7th December, 2021 6pm

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