Our therapy services are exclusive to Anxiety UK members.

Once you have become a member of our charity, please follow the steps below.

Fill out a Therapy Referral Form.

The quickest way to apply for therapy is to fill out the online. form Alternatively, you can download the form here and return it completed to our therapy services team.

*Please note referral forms will only be processed during working hours Monday-Friday.*

Therapy fee payments:

For CBT, counselling and EMDR, we require you to pay for your first, second and last therapy session in advance. For CFT and Clinical Hypnotherapy it is the first and last session.

Important Information

Therapy Services FAQs can be read here. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions of accessing therapy, as we are unable to issue refunds on any payments made.

Anxiety UK has a diverse range of therapists and endeavours to meet the needs of our members, wherever possible. If you do have a preference, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If at any time you have a question regarding your application form, please call our Infoline on 03444 775 774 or email us.

Therapy Fees

Tier Category Eligibility Fee per Session
Tier 1 Total household income under £10,000 a year £15
Tier 2 Total household income between £10,001 and £24,999 £25
Tier 3 Total household income between £25,001 and £49,999 £35
Tier 4 Total household income above £50,000 £50
Students Living Independently Full-time students in higher education, living independently of their parents £20

To receive therapy on the first 3 tiers and student rate, evidence is required of your total household income to ensure that the lower tiers are kept exclusively for those who most need it.

Please note that if your household income changes at any point during your therapy interaction, you must inform Anxiety UK.

What do we mean by total household income?

Total household income is the combined income of your household, including money received in benefits.

What evidence do you accept?

Any documents that show your annual income are accepted. For example a P60 or tax return for the year. Other statements could include:

An award notification showing current rates of benefit

A written statement of benefits from Benefits Agency staff

Notice of state pension award from the DWP

Students must make sure to submit proof that they are living independently and currently enrolled in full time higher education.

What if I am unable/unwilling to provide proof of income?

As Tier 4 therapy fees require no proof, this will be the cost of your therapy sessions.

What are the initial costs of applying for therapy?

For CBT and counselling, we require you to pay for your first, second and last therapy session in advance. For CFT and Clinical Hypnotherapy it is the first and last session.

If you are on Tier 1 or Tier 2 and are struggling to make the upfront payments please contact us, as we may be able to agree a plan with you that helps you to still access therapy.

Please note that whilst we already offer reduced cost therapy we understand that some people might not have any financial means to access therapy. The Anxiety UK Benevolent Fund (AUKBF) is designed to support individuals experiencing anxiety who are living in extreme financial hardship. There are limited spaces available for people to access this initiative but if you are in genuine need of therapy and have no financial means to access reduced cost therapy, please email services@anxietyuk.org.uk for more information.

To access Anxiety UK’s therapy services you must:

Have an active membership subscription/be a paid-up member of Anxiety UK

Be requiring support with anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression

Be “ready, willing & able” to fully engage with talking therapy including being able to commit to attending regular appointments

Be registered with a GP at all times.

Anxiety UK’s therapy services are not/may not be suitable if:

You have an alcohol/drug issue that is at a level which is highly likely to interfere with your ability to engage fully with therapy.

You have a diagnosis of another more complex mental health condition such as psychosis or an emerging personality disorder or personality disorder (including borderline personality disorder). Please note, having such mental health issues does not always result in you being unable to access our therapy services.  In such circumstances, we routinely contact other relevant professionals involved in your care to obtain their opinion as to whether our therapy services are suitable.  Please note, hypnotherapy is unlikely to be suitable in such circumstances.

You have strong thoughts of suicide and we believe you may be at risk. In such circumstances we routinely contact your GP and/or other relevant health professional to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to access our therapy services.

You are under 16 (or under 18 in the case of clinical hypnotherapy). We will always need to contact your GP and your parent(s)/guardian before being able to offer access to our therapy services.

Please note that we work outside of the NHS and in the above-mentioned circumstances, we will act on the advice of mental healthcare professional or GP whether our therapy services are appropriate for you. We will not offer therapy or a modality of therapy where it is advised to be inappropriate.

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