Exam Stress/Anxiety

Exam Stress

Everyone feels stressed during exams. This usually means that you feel tired, under pressure, confused, worried that you won’t do well etc. This is normal and often encourages us to do that extra bit of revision, listen a little more to the information in a lesson and work a bit harder. This is good.

However, too much pressure and anxiety can make you feel really bad. This may mean that you are unable to concentrate on your work and may find that you are overly worrying about how you will do in your exam(s).

People often deal with exam stress in many unhelpful ways, such as ignoring the problem, not revising because they think that they will do badly anyway and missing exams due to the anxiety that they are feeling. It can also be really easy to think that if you don’t try and then you fail, you won’t feel as bad as if you fail after trying really hard! This is an unhelpful way of thinking as it means that you will be limiting your chances of doing really well!!

Exam anxiety can also make you worry during the exam, for example you may feel that other people are managing the exam better than you or that they will be finding it really easy whereas you are struggling. This can cause you to feel that your mind has “gone blank” on information that you know that you have revised or that you know well.

  • Do you worry a lot about exams?
  • Do you fear that you may fail exams, even though you have revised?
  • Do you feel that you are being overwhelmed by the pressure that you feel with exams?
  • Does your mind go blank in exams?

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, it is possible that you are experiencing Exam Stress / Exam Anxiety.

exam stress

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