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Home New Forums General Discussion Resources for people with anxiety AND autism? Reply To: Resources for people with anxiety AND autism?

Chris Volunteer

Hi Ryan,

The topic of Autism and Anxiety is an interesting one. It would appear that anxiety is a big issue for many of those on the autistic spectrum. In terms of resources, you may wish to look at the work of Dr Tony Attwood in relation to this – he has done many interviews on the topic (a couple of which I have linked below). I understand these are not specifically courses or self-help workbooks like you asked for but looking at some information like this may start you down the right track.

– Unmasking Anxiety In Autistic Individuals (

– Autism and Anxiety (

Also have a look at our guest post by Michelle Nicholson that outlines some of the things that can increase anxiety for those with autism.

– Autism and anxiety (guest post) – Anxiety UK

Hope this helps!

Chris V9##

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