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Training for Your Organisation

Work related stress, anxiety and depression is costing the UK’s economy an estimated £70-100 billion annually and 70 million sick days per year.

However, it is not just the financial cost to the business that needs to be considered but the impact on the employee and their perception of you as an employer. A good employer values, supports and invests in its staff not simply because of the impact sickness absence has on your business and your brand.

It’s also not just in the workplace that we need to be thinking about supporting mental well-being. Many young people today experience anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression, and ensuring that they have the support and skills to manage these conditions is incredibly important.

training for your business

So how can you ensure you are doing all you can to support your staff’s mental health and well-being at work?

Anxiety UK is the country’s leading anxiety disorders charity and has a wealth of experience delivering training and consultancy services to a wide range of clients including major blue chip companies, SMEs, health bodies, schools and colleges and other voluntary sector organisations.

We will design and create bespoke training packages to cater for your individual requirements, undertake an audit of your workplace well-being initiatives and engage specialists in their field to deliver dedicated support tailored for your objectives.

We will work closely with you to identify what is required and deliver your training at a location and time to suit your needs.

What our clients say:

Kate Le Cocq, Head of Student Services, Futureworks

and staff at Queen Ethelburgas School

“I wanted to thank you so much for running the training session with us last week. It was really brilliant and I’ve had a number of staff let me know that they had learnt a great deal.”

” Anxiety and panic attacks were issues which had been highlighted by our students as being a significant issue and I know that students were grateful that this had been acknowledged.  Having spoken to several students who were in your workshops, they said that your presentation was a good source of information for them and that it had made them think a lot more about the difficulties faced by those who suffered from anxiety.”

Jan Kelly, A&E Sister/Practice Educator, Trafford General Hospital

Trafford General Hospital

“The Anxiety UK panic attack training provided me with a useful understanding of panic attacks, and practical knowledge which will enable me to confidently and effectively help panic sufferers presenting at A&E in future. I would highly recommend this training.”

Cancer Research UK

cancer research uk

“The trainer has a great presenting style, with lots of examples from her own practice which is really useful. I came away with lots of practical techniques for dealing with health anxiety.”

Staff at The View from the Shard

the view from the shard

“I didn’t know much before this event but it has really opened my eyes about anxiety. An excellent session, I learnt a lot and feel more confident in understanding the subject”

Staff at E-on Energy

eon logo

“I wish I knew this before, it would have helped me intervene earlier before the anxiety increased. The section on dealing with stress helped me recognise what I do that helps”

The support we can offer:

Anxiety UK can provide training and support for the following topics and conditions –

  • Anxiety disorders awareness training
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Stress and anxiety at work
  • Anxiety and young people
  • Children, OCD and school
  • Health anxiety awareness
  • PTSD awareness

Where suitable/practical we will include references to case studies and/or engage suitable service users to accompany our training provider to share their own personal and often very powerful experiences

To request a stress audit of your business to ascertain what measures you could implement to further support your employees and reduce the stress/anxiety in the workplace please contact us for further information.

And what about your clients?

Understanding your clients’ needs is paramount in maintaining a relationship.
Anxiety UK also offers bespoke packages tailored to train your staff members of how to listen, talk and work with clients who suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Want to go the extra mile?

Take a look here to see how Anxiety UK can provide EAP Support to your company.


Training and consultancy

£500 for ½ day
£800 full day

The above prices are exclusive of travel and accommodation costs.
We are able to negotiate reduced prices for smaller organisations.
Please note: The maximum number of attendees on our training workshops is 20 people. For training requirements for >20 attendees, bookings are subject to a supplementary fee.

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