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Image credit: @Plowey via twitter

Martin Plowman, British GT racer and celebrity patron of Anxiety UK, has been featured in a recent edition of Motorsport magazine. Martin, who has previously been vocal in speaking about his own experience with anxiety, discusses how he has coped with being in the spotlight over the years. “In the car I was fine,” He says. “But I’d clam up or have panic attacks at social situations like sponsorship or even team meetings and public speaking.”

Martin previously faced his own fear to take part in an onscreen interview and is a fantastic example of someone using their anxiety as a motivator. Anxiety is very common and can affect anyone, in various stages of their life. Martin is one of the growing number of men who are opening up and raising awareness about their own mental health issues, something which is extremely valuable in helping others recognise that they are in need of support.

You can download a copy of the article here.

In other car-related news, Anxiety UK have recently joined Charity Car’s Car Take Back scheme, where you can donate the scrap value of your vehicle to charity. Read more about the scheme here and bear us in mind the next time you need to get rid of your old car!

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