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by Rebbecca Murray

I have just finished my undergraduate degree and am currently studying for a master’s in child and adolescent mental health at university.

When I was in my teenage years that was when my anxiety disorder seemed to be too overwhelming to deal with everyday life. It was things like going to a shop, going to a public toilet, or getting a bus were extremely difficult for me to do.

I knew this was deemed as irrational and they were not as bad as I thought they were going to be, but I overthought every possible negative scenario that may happen if I did those things, which then automatically caused panic.

Anxiety really brought my mood, confidence and self-esteem down. I was told by some people that university might not be the best choice, that I would not cope, which I believed but wanted to still try and follow my dreams and I am glad I did as I have realised it was possible.

Every year I push myself to make a slight changes in my life and praise myself when I know that I have done this. The change may seem like the easiest task to someone else, but I know for me it is a massive achievement and I am proud.

By doing so, it makes me feel more motivated to push myself to achieve another goal again when I feel ready to do so. I used this technique a lot throughout my university experience. I also shared my experiences a lot with other people, I felt talking helped me understand what was happening was okay and that I am beating the anxiety.

I still suffer with anxiety and have panic attacks and irrational thinking sometimes, but I have found ways to cope. Music is a tool I often use as a distraction that can calm me down, not just listening to music but just singing a nursery rhyme or a simple song on repeat in my head makes me less overwhelmed by the situation I am in.

I like to use the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. I feel when my anxiety is bad, I often get overwhelmed with everything around me which leads to me not keeping my house tidy and clean. I have now learnt by pushing myself to tidy a room, even if it is just one, the mind can often begin to declutter too.

However, it is important to point out that it is not just the house that needs some care, individual care and pampering is also vital for a healthier wellbeing. By taking the time to have a bath or a makeover, it always makes me feel more motivated to continue my journey.

Don’t listen to the thoughts telling you its not possible, as you are yet to try and see for yourself. Keep going and dream big.

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