Anxiety UK Discuss Coping With Stress In The Workplace

Mental health awareness is crucially important and those familiar with the work of Anxiety UK will know how deeply we care about confronting the issue of anxiety-based depression in our society. For mental health awareness week 2018, the theme is ‘stress’, something that intrinsically linked with anxiety and something that must be tackled.

Stress is a very common issue in the workplace and this is therefore one of the most important places to spread awareness about the problems it can cause. Anxiety UK were therefore delighted to be featured in an article by McGinley Support Services called ‘How to cope with workplace stress and achieve great mental health’.

The article is an in-depth guide on how to tackle the issue of stress, featuring importance advice and tips from experts in the fields of mental health, medicine, and stress. Anxiety UK spoke to McGinley about the deep connection between stress and anxiety and what people can do to overcome it.

 “Anxiety can lead to avoidance as we go out of our way to escape triggering these stress symptoms, such as calling in sick to work or putting off sending that important email. Ultimately the control we feel from avoiding the problem is only temporary and can make it harder to deal with any issues when it comes to eventually facing our fears. It’s best to find solutions to our stresses quickly rather than waiting until they feel uncontrollable.”

Other advice includes: talking about the issue, consulting a GP, participating in workshops, ensuring a healthy work life/balance, and understanding the importance of time management.

You can read the full article here and see what Anxiety UK’s CEO Nicky Lidbetter had to say about this important topic.