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About the Anxiety UK Blog

We are passionate about getting the nation talking about anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression, and we would love for you to be involved! Our Anxiety UK Blog is a dedicated platform for open and honest conversations, where people can share their own experiences with others.

Facing mental health issues is something that can feel quite lonely or isolating for many people, but we don’t believe that anyone should have to face anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression alone. Being able to read real life stories from real people going through similar experiences to your own, is one simple thing that can have a huge impact. Blog posts can also raise awareness and help people to understand about other people’s lives in a range of valuable ways. If you are interested in submitting a blog post, please see the guidelines below!

What are my steps to having a blog published with Anxiety UK?

Step 1: Take a look at our suggestion topics, which gives an idea of the
themes we cover

Step 2: Spend time planning your post and think about the key things you’d like to include

Step 3: Draft up your blog post in a word document format (around 500 words)

Step 4: Check your blog against our dos and don’ts (see below) to ensure it complies with
our guidelines. Blogs that don’t comply will not be considered.

Step 5: Check for spelling and grammar. We will not accept posts that require extensive

Step 6: If you have a royalty-free picture or image of your own, please upload and include the credit for this.

Step 7: Include a short biography with a picture of yourself and why you are writing with us at the bottom of your post. If you would prefer to remain anonymous or have your name changed when the blog is published, this is not a problem – please just make this clear within your email to us.

Step 8: Submit your article.

Topic suggestions

Here are some ideas of topics to write about in relation to anxiety, stress and anxiety based

 Your experience of receiving support through Anxiety UK
 Your experience of fundraising with Anxiety UK
 How food and nutrition affects your mood
 Exercise
 Tips to manage anxiety and stress
 Exams and university
 Workplace anxiety
 Panic attacks
 Experiences of therapy
 Living with different types of specific anxiety
 Activities that help you manage your anxiety

Blog writing Guidelines

Please do…

 Use your own personal experience
 Think about and focus on how your blog can help someone else
 Ensure you are writing in appropriate language for a national charity’s blog
 Use Anxiety UK resources to cross check your facts or link to relevant AUK
 Ensure you have checked your spelling and grammar
 Ask someone else to read over your blog before submitting if possible
 Have a look at previous published blogs to understand our accepted formats
 Ensure you have a supporting picture and biography at the bottom

Please don’t…

 Submit content that has already been published elsewhere
 Promote your own business, product or venture unless with prior agreement as a paid
advertorial (see our advertising rates card for more details)
 Use strong triggering language or descriptions of self-harm behaviours.
 Include links to other websites or your own blog
 Discuss specific medications
 Include opinions on mental health services, political issues or campaigns
 Include any personal contact details (e.g. telephone numbers, email addresses)
 Exceed the given word limits outlined
 Include factual content that has not been properly and thoroughly researched

Please note that if your blog doesn’t comply with our Dos and Don’ts it will automatically not be published with us.

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