Anxiety UK’s Virtual Bake Sale

This year, we are encouraging you to take to the streets to raise awareness of anxiety and the impact it can have on a life. Our coffee morning kit and #CalmCake fundraising activities put the emphasis on strength through community; sharing our experiences whilst sharing our food, breaking bread pudding over a discussion on important mental health issues.

However, we wouldn’t be very good anxiety pioneers if we didn’t also recognise that not everyone is capable of participating in these events. Around 1 in 5 people report experiencing a common mental health problem, but for some this can develop into a panic disorder such as agoraphobia. These conditions can dramatically reduce the quality of life for those affected, and seemingly simple activities like attending a community event can become impossible.

By having a virtual bake sale alongside physical events, we hope that everyone has the opportunity to participate in raising awareness of anxiety. Whether it be at school, at work, your local community centre or on twitter or facebook, we are encouraging you to come together and discuss these important issues and let others know that they are not alone.













Anxiety UK are a national charity committed to raising awareness of the short and long-term effects of anxiety. We are determined to combat the stigma surrounding mental health conditions and bring a greater understanding of these issues into the mainstream.

Your donation will go towards the creation and publication of our Nutrition & Anxiety booklet, written and researched in a joint venture between Anxiety UK and MetMUnch, the student enterprise network with a passion for sustainable and nutritious food.