Anxiety and asthma

Anxiety UK has recently partnered with Asthma UK to create a ‘fact-file’ in order to help those living with both anxiety and asthma. It is hoped that the information will go some way to help people understand their symptoms and know where they can go for help.

Nicky Lidbetter, Anxiety UK CEO, adds, “I know that the anxiety and asthma fact-file will be a valuable resource to our members, as we receive many calls from people who are experiencing breathlessness as a physical symptom of anxiety who may/may not have asthma. I look forward to hearing feedback from our members about the fact-file and hope to collaborate with other organisations in the future to meet the diverse needs of our members.”

To see the fact-file, please click the link below or visit For more information about asthma, please visit

Asthma and anxiety fact-file

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