Celebrity Patrons & Ambassadors

We are pleased to receive the support of the following celebrities and ambassadors:

Rebecca Front

Rebecca Front is an actress and recently won a BAFTA for her performance as Nicola Murray in the BBC comedy The Thick of It. She has also appeared on TV in Grandma’s House, Lewis, Just William, Nighty Night, The Day Today, and Knowing Me, Knowing You and in the feature film Horrid Henry. Rebecca is also a writer, and often contributes columns to The Guardian and The Independent.

“I want to lend my support to Anxiety UK because I’ve seen how debilitating and distressing anxiety
syndromes can be. I myself have experienced panic attacks and have suffered with claustrophobia
most of my life. For me, it’s usually little more than an inconvenience, but for many, many others anxiety can significantly inhibit their enjoyment of life. Anything that can be done to help them and to remove the needless stigma still attached to anxiety is to be supported.”

rebecca front

Photo courtesy of Wolf Marloh

Marcus Trescothick

Marcus Trescothick is a world class cricketer and has lended his support to Anxiety UK after many years of experiencing anxiety himself.

“People often don”t understand how debilitating anxiety disorders can be, and the devastating effect that they have on the lives of sufferers and their families,” said Marcus. “I am joining with Anxiety UK to reduce the stigma attached to these conditions, so others don”t have to feel the shame and embarrassment that I did. There are many treatments and therapies which can help, and I would advise other sufferers to get help sooner rather than later.”

marcus trescothick

Photo courtesy of
Vass Photographers Burgess Hill

Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax has supported Anxiety UK for a number of years and is vocal in her support of other mental health charities, including Time to Change.

ruby wax

Simon Webbe

Simon Webbe, one fourth of pop group Blue and a successful solo recording artist and actor, has supported Anxiety UK for a number of years.

“Anxiety UK supports over 30,000 anxiety sufferers every year and I am proud to be Patron of this great charity. I suffer with phobias myself, as people saw when I appeared on I”m a Celebrity, and I want to raise awareness of quite how difficult these conditions can be to live with. People don”t realise what a tough time people with phobias and anxiety have. Anxiety conditions can cause people to become completely isolated from friends and family, lose their jobs and become unable to function in society. Anxiety UK does vital work supporting the growing number of anxiety sufferers in Britain, and I am very happy to be helping this fantastic charity in their important work.”

simon webbe

Naomi and Hannah Moxon – Classical Reflections

22 year old classically trained identical twin singers Naomi and Hannah Moxon appeared on BBC’s show ‘The Voice’ two years ago; gaining popularity in the classical world and receiving millions of views of their angelic blind audition. Since then, Naomi and Hannah have performed at international rugby dinners, celebrity galas, and even beside world-class singers’ concerts.  Most recently performing alongside Anton Du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing, and soon to be performing with the classical star, Aled Jones. Naomi and Hannah are thrilled to be ambassadors for Anxiety UK and have first hand experience of the incredible work that they do.

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Martin Plowman – British GT racing driver

British professional racing driver, Martin Plowman, has become a celebrity patron of Anxiety UK. Having personal experience of anxiety, Martin is passionate about supporting the charity’s efforts to increase awareness and access to support for those experiencing anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

At the age of 29 years, Martin Plowman has shown himself to be an incredibly successful racing driver, becoming both a Le Mans class winner in LMP2 and WEC World Champion in 2013.

The challenges of the racing world, however, are not the only ones that Martin has been striving to conquer. For years, Martin has experienced debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

In joining forces with Anxiety UK, Martin hopes to send out a message to others that anxiety is not something to be ashamed of, nor does it have to be something that prevents you from leading a successful, accomplished and meaningful life.

Nick Brewer – Rapper

Nick Brewer is a professional rapper and recording artist, who at an early stage in his career has sold nearly 200,000 records, and enjoyed chart success. Nick has also been open and honest about his experiences of anxiety and panic attacks, described in his poem ‘Talk About It’. By working with Anxiety UK, Nick wants to share the message that having anxiety is not something to be ashamed of, but is something that we need to be able to talk about, and support each other in.