Practitioner Membership

We know that many practitioners are already doing all they can to ensure people are able to access help and support, so if you are unable to give your time, please consider joining Anxiety UK as a therapist member.

The cost is £20 per year and gives you access to our free MP3 downloads, web-chats with leading professional researchers and a space to share ideas and talk to colleagues.

You can obtain Anxiety UK practitioner membership by clicking here.

Practitioner membership benefits

  • A one year subscription to our members’ magazine, Anxious Times, featuring the latest anxiety developments and therapies, member stories and news at Anxiety UK.
  • Access to the psychiatric pharmacy helpline to answer any questions you may have about your client’s medication.
  • Access to our online professionally led chat sessions, with leading researchers from the world of anxiety.
  • Access to real time, online 1:1 support surgeries with a dedicated advisor and mental health expert.
  • Access to exclusive forums through the ‘Members Only’ area of the Anxiety UK website.
  • Access to the helpline where you can speak with trained operators with experience of anxiety.
  • Access to the email information service.
  • Access to specialist helplines run by volunteers with knowledge of specific anxiety disorders.

Please note: Membership is not an Anxiety UK endorsement and is not the same as being an Anxiety UK approved therapist. To find out how to become a therapist with Anxiety UK, click here.

If you are an anxiety sufferer and require membership for personal circumstances, individual membership may be more appropriate. Click here to find out more.