Get help for someone

If you are looking for help and support for your clients, Anxiety UK has a range of services that may be of interest to your clients. Some of these include one to one therapy, our national helpline and volunteering program as well as our successful Manchester based peer mentoring service.

Clients can re-refer into any service, but if you would like to discuss things prior to their referral please ring 08444 775 774.

Therapy services

Anxiety UK provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming to members. Thereapy is available face to face, over the phone and via web-cam, ensuring that we are able to find support for everyone who needs it, no matter where they live or what limitations they may have. To find out more about the therapies Anxiety UK offers, click here.

For detailed information as to the location of our face to face therapy services please click here.

Our therapy services are carried out by reputable therapists who have been thoroughly checked for competence and all have professional indemnity insurance and up to date criminal record checks. We try to ensure that therapy services are affordable by setting a means tested fee scale. Click here for a list of our therapy fees, paid after becoming a therapy member for £30 for one year.

National helplines

Anxiety UK provides a range of helplines which are all staffed by people with personal experience of anxiety or an interst in mental health. The charity’s main helpline runs Monday to Friday from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm and is many’s first point of contact with the charity. To speak to somone on this helpline, ring 08444 775 774.

Anxiety UK also provides specialist helpline services for members as well as bespoke facilities for organisations and businesses who want to help support client’s or employee’s mental health.

To learn how Anxiety UK could help your business or organisation, email


Anxiety UK actively promotes the inclusion of volunteers in all aspects of its work and recognises the vital role that volunteers contribute to the organisation.

There are currently over 500 volunteers throughout the UK carrying out roles for Anxiety UK in a wide range of capacities: counsellors, clinical hypnotherapists, helpline volunteers, self-help group facilitators, office administrators, technical support, PR and media volunteers, cognitive behavioural therapists, management committee members/trustees, community befrienders, specialist phone-in helpline volunteers, finance assistants and many more.

Anxiety UK has achieved the ‘Investing in Volunteers’ Quality Standard, recognising the excellent work we do with volunteers.

To learn more about the volutneering opportunities at Anxiety UK, click here.