Worry Box

Worry Box

Book 1
Helps you understand your anxiety - your worry - and introduces you to a great way to fix it: the 3 Fs (Face it, Fix it, Forget it). It will also help you beat panic attacks.

Book 2
is about the first F - FACE IT. If you're scared of going to a busy shop, perhaps, or of meeting people, you avoid those things and lose some of the variety, fun or fulfilment in your life. This book helps you get it back.

Book 3
is about the second F - FIX IT. For people who are worrying about a particular problem - money, a relationship, your job perhaps - this book contains a foolproof way to end ALL problems

Book 4
is about the third F - FORGET IT. When things just churn round and round in your head, you'll need this book to help you change your thinking and end the worrying thoughts.

Even the box helps you stop worrying
so don't throw it away. You'll need it when working with book 4.

The Worry Box (4 book set Worry/panic/Face it/Fix It/Forget It) plus worry cards in a boxed set.

ISBN: 978-1-906564-15-5. (116 pages, 44 colour illustrations)

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