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  • Relaxing Yoga

    For over 6000 years the benefits of Yoga have been enjoyed by many people all over the world. This film is a gentle introduction to Yoga and is suitable for beginners and for people of all ages. If you are new to yoga, this DVD is an excellent starting point. Trish Smyth takes us on...

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  • Toilet Phobia DVD

    Do You Have Toilet Phobia? Hear from a range of individuals about 'Toilet Phobia' an umbrella term for anxieties and fears associated with using the toilet. These could range from contamination fears in OCD, to shy bladder syndrome. Contained alongside the personal experiences of a number of individuals with toilet phobia are the professional perspectives...

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  • Children & Anxiety DVD

    This DVD has been produced with schools and youth organisations in mind. It recounts the stories of 3 young people who have experienced a range of anxiety conditions.

  • Breathe!

    In this unique program, Riley Lee leads you through a series of simple breathing exercises to promote health, vitality and wellbeing. Learning correct breathing techniques will help you reduce stress levels, increase blood circulation, optimise oxygen intake and develop conscious awareness.

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  • Sleep: Soothing Music (CD & DVD)

    Drift off to sleep with this deeply relaxing collection, featuring a CD of soothing music and a DVD of peaceful,majestic clouds.  

  • Pull Yourself Together!

    An educational DVD on fears, phobias and anxiety Pull yourself together  is a 30 minute programme which aims to give an understanding of what anxiety is and its effects  how anxiety develops  what steps to take in order to get better, and an explanation of how therapy can treat anxiety disorders. The programme features Professor...

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