Specialist Helplines for Members

Specialist helpline services for Anxiety UK members

We have a number of specialist helpline services available for members including:

Anxiety Helpline
  • Psychiatric pharmacy helpline – this service offers advice/information around psychiatric medication as well as alternative medication such as St John’s Wort.
  • Public speaking – this service helps those who suffer feelings of anxiety when speaking to an audience, for example, when giving presentations.
  • Dental phobia support – do you experience anxiety surrounding going to dentist? This email support service offers valuable advice and support.
  • Nutrition and anxiety – Our new specialist helpline provides information and advice about nutrition and anxiety in partnership with Haleh Moravej Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences (Manchester Metropolitan University), registered nutrition consultant and MetMunch founder.The helpline will be available to Anxiety UK members on a Thursday evening between 8-9pm.

    The helpline will provide you with up to 10 minutes to learn some tips about how you can eat healthily to help manage any anxiety condition you may be experiencing.

    This will NOT be a formal consultation and the helpline cannot provide a diagnosis or give advice on specific conditions or medication.