Our Partnerships

charity for civil servants

If you work for the Civil Service and need help managing your anxiety or anxiety based depression, our partnership with The Charity for Civil Servants may be able to support you.

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Anxiety UK and the PHA work closely to  help PHA members who want to learn more about anxiety and how Anxiety UK can support them.

Anxiety UK and the RAF Benevolent Fund are now working in partnership to provide much-needed support to veterans and their families for their mental health needs.

Anxiety UK are working with the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) in order to assist in supporting BWC beneficiaries with support needs around anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Architect Benevolent Society (ABS) to provide the architectural community with mental health support.

Anxiety UK are working with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Benevolent Fund in order to assist in supporting ICE Benevolent Fund beneficiaries experiencing anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

Anxiety UK is working with NewstrAid to help many news trade staff live a better quality of life as a direct result of the services we can offer to their beneficiaries.

MediaCom access workplace support for their staff with Anxiety UK to help those living with anxiety or anxiety-based depression as part of their staff well-being services

Anxiety UK is working in partnership with Turn2us to provide a range of emotional well-being, therapeutic and self-help services for the people they support.

Anxiety UK and IET Connect, the IET Benevolent Fund, to support members of the IET and their families with access to well-being assessments, talking therapy and support for their mental well-being.