Counselling is often used to explore issues in depth and to allow for a focus on feelings associated with anxiety. Often, the cause of your anxiety can also be explored through counselling sessions.

The most common form of counselling is known as “Person Centred Counselling”. This type of therapy seeks to explore the main issues from your unique perspective. Counselling can often last for longer than the standard 12 sessions offered with other therapies such as CBT. However, this is dependent upon the individual. Each session will usually last around 50 minutes and will typically be held on a weekly basis.

Counselling is available through Anxiety UK face to face, via the telephone or via webcam. In the unlikely event that Anxiety UK is unable to help you, we would recommend accessing therapy through referral to an NHS service via your GP. For more information on counselling, you may wish to contact the governing body for counsellors – the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (

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