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Therapy Services

If a therapist is not available in your location, phone and web-cam therapy are available.



To acccess therapy services you must be a member of Anxiety UK which costs £30 per year – details here

Session Fees

Anxiety UK requires payment up front for a specific number of sessions based on the type of therapy you are requesting. For those accessing Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Anxiety UK requires payment for your first and last therapy sessions at the time of processing your therapy application (or 2 sessions in total). For those accessing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or counselling, Anxiety UK requires payment for your first, second and last therapy sessions (or 3  sessions in total) at the time of processing your therapy referral. Your referral for therapy cannot be processed until payment has been received.  All subsequent therapy session fees are payable directly to the therapist.

Refunds Policy

Anxiety UK does not offer refunds for therapy sessions paid up front as we are able to pass clients on to qualified telephone or webcam therapists in the unlikely event that we are unable to provide a therapist in a specific location. This will be the case for most referrals and any refund will only be made under exceptional circumstances at Anxiety UK’s discretion and less a 15% admin fee.

We will not offer a refund if you change your mind about wanting therapy, either because you now have obtained access to an NHS therapist or for any other reason.  I f you wish to access therapy at some time in the future those fees would be kept in credit. Please note that should your circumstances change, Anxiety UK is unable to provide a refund for the difference in session fees.

A refund for membership is not available after receipt of the membership pack and relevant passwords as this constitutes fulfilment of membership resources. Any refund will be at Anxiety UK’s discretion and only under exceptional circumstances and less a 15% admin fee.

Your Privacy

Anxiety UK is aware that email is not 100% secure. If you have any concerns about confidentiality and the data contained within this document being passed to us via email then we are happy to accept encrypted emails and documents. You can then call to provide the password over the phone. If you would like details on how to encrypt this document please contact and the details will be passed over to you.

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