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Chances are you or someone you know has been personally affected by anxiety. Whether that be a colleague who struggles with panic attacks, a family member who is paralysed by a phobia or your own difficulties with managing stress. You might even be a membership organisation who is hearing from an increasing amount of members struggling with anxiety and stress.

The fact is 15% of us are experiencing an anxiety related problem yet many of us find it difficult to make others understand.

Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by an anxiety sufferer and today still retains its original, user-led ethos. We are able to support those who are experiencing anxiety for the first time because we know what its like. We are the nation’s leading anxiety disorders charity, having helped over 1 million people since 1970.

It is estimated that we help someone at their wits end every 14 minutes. We do this by:

  • Providing national helplines, staffed by people with lived experience of anxiety.
  • Providing access to therapy services to those who need support quickly and at a reduced cost to going privately.
  • Campaigning to raise anxiety awareness and reduce stigma.

How we can work together

Anxiety UK has a number of mutually beneficial opportunities for companies or organisations interested in partnering with us including:

  • Naming Anxiety UK as your company’s charity of the year, providing your business with worthwhile fundraising opportunities and aligning with a leading UK mental health charity.
  • Sponsorship of one of our essential publications, our quarterly magazines or a high profile campaign.
  • Cause related marketing allows you to increase sales, reach new audiences and improve customer loyalty.
  • Pro bono advice and services are hugely beneficial to the work of Anxiety UK and provide a great opportunity for smaller businesses who want to give back.
  • Bespoke partnerships can be tailored to your needs where you can take advantage of our unique expertise in anxiety.


What Anxiety UK offers

By going into partnership with Anxiety UK, your business or organisation will enjoy:

  • Exposure to our shared audiences. The Anxiety UK website is visited by more than 150,000  visitors a month.
  • PR opportunities, allowing exposure of our partnership in the media.
  • Increased reputation at a time when mental health is increasing in awareness.
  • The opportunity to work alongside a leading mental health charity with a proven track record of excellence.
  • Valuable anxiety support for your members or staff.


Who we work with

Anxiety UK works with a range of organisations, providing essential support to their members who are experiencing anxiety. Such partnerships can be tailored to the need of your business or organisation and may include joint branding, therapy provision and collaboration on anxiety resources.

Anxiety UK is currently working with the following partners:

The Charity for Civil Servants

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association

The Teacher Support Network



How your money will make a difference

If you are a corporate looking for a charity to support, your funds will go a long way to support the thousands of anxiety sufferers we hear from each year.

  • £5,000 could fund our helpline to answer 1,250 calls from people who are at their wits end, many of whom are terrified and experiencing anxiety for the first time.
  • £10,000 could fund an ‘Understanding Anxiety’ booklet that helps put what people are feeling into context, showing them that anxiety is normal and can be managed.
  • £25,000 could provide a referral to more than 3,570 individuals who need quick access to therapy.


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