Injection/ Needle Phobia

What is it?

Many people fear injections to some extent, but once that fear becomes persistent, excessive and unreasonable, then the fear becomes a phobia. Injection phobia is the fear and avoidance of receiving various types of injections, and/or of having a blood sample withdrawn through venipuncture (pricking a finger). This is a specific phobia and is extremely common yet not very well recognised, and affecting 3.5 % to 10% of the population.

DIY self diagnosis

How do I know if I have an injection or needle phobia?

  • If you have a marked, persistent, and excessive fear of needles.
  • If exposure to needles almost invariably provokes in you an immediate anxiety response.
  • If you recognise this fear is unreasonable.
  • If needle-sticks are either avoided, or endured by you with intense anxiety or distress.
  • The avoidance, anxiety or distress significantly interferes with your normal routine, occupational or academic functioning, social activities or relationships, or if there is severe distress about having the phobia.

Injection/Needle Phobia Downloads

To find out more information about injection/needle phobia click here for a copy of our fact sheet, or click here to download a copy of our booklet.

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Recommended reading

Smith & Nephew sponsored the production of an Anxiety UK booklet on needle phobia. This includes self help information, along with details of useful treatments.

There are a range of other helpful resources that will support you in your recovery from needle phobia. To find out more please click here.

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Personal experience

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